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A Mindful Week #32

A Mindful Week
A Mindful Week
Hi, I am Nikolas. This is A Mindful Week, an almost punctual newsletter about living a reflected life.

Realigning your inner compass - two ways to reflect the year
What a year…
Frankly, this year was turbulent for me. I feel a strong need to check in and reflect on what I want to continue, and what to stop. 
Luckily, I have a ritual firmly embedded that helps me make sense of the past year’s frenzy.
I begin each year by dedicating a whole day to structured reflection. A whole day is blocked to set my North Star for what’s to come - and I can’t imagine how lost I would be without it.
Reflection is half of the way
I learned that the best way to end a year is to take time to reflect. 
I believe that we mostly don’t learn from doing, but from reflecting on our doing. 
Following my belief I spend a lot of time creating spaces for self-reflection for people who are already great at doing.
Modern spaces for reflection
Providing space for reflection was also the reason for a cooperation I began with the Leuphana University MBA for Sustainability Management this year. 
The MBA, the world’s first green MBA, looked for a way to give their hard working alumni space for reflection. So we put our heads together and designed a reflection of the year you can listen to. 
Each MBA Alumni these days may walk to their postbox and walk back, holding in their hand a cute postcard with a QR code: they will be led to a special auditive reflection journey we designed for them, accompanied with latest research on meditation and book suggestions.
All that’s needed is to kick off the shoes, sit in the favourite chair and put on the headphones for reflection time. 
Kickstarting the new year with a structured reflection
This got me thinking, I really would like you to have a similar experience to kickstart your new year. 
So, I sat down to record an English version for you. And my colleague Vera, put together an excellent workbook built to help you reflect the year. 
Each person has a different preference for reflection. This is why we go both ways:
🌱 a guided new year auditive reflection journey recorded by me 
🌱 a print out reflection workbook prepared by my colleague Vera
And here is the link to reflection town:
Im sceptical and that sounds like a lot of work, Nikolas
If you are not a fan yet, let me geek out a bit.
Structured reflection journeys help us to tap into our own intelligence and open up new more resonant paths to walk. 
Because taking a moment to ask why, how and where helps to align the direction of our own inner compass
While life often has other things in store for us then we have planned - haven taken the time to slow down and reflect helps us to readjust course when the whirlwinds of life move us out of our lane.
Wishing you a mindful and adventurous new year, 
Watshiwa, in need of a New Years Reflection Meditation
Watshiwa, in need of a New Years Reflection Meditation
Picks of the Week
Michael Kiwanuka: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
Why the world is going crazy—and how to win back our minds | Jamie Wheal | Big Think
Why the world is going crazy—and how to win back our minds | Jamie Wheal | Big Think
Here a suggestion to a new year motto - avoiding Stupidity is Easier than Seeking Brilliance
A new year reset of your nervous system  - Ananda Mandala 30 min Breath-work Experience
Music for your ears
Jesus brought us Together - playlist by Nikolas Konstantin
Quote Of The Week
“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
Aristotle (disputed quote)
Finishing Thoughts
一 Workshops and big plans: Last year I hosted quite a few workshops on meditation and the science of the mind. I loved those. Nothing beats a room filled with smart people dedicated to understanding and cultivating a closer friendship with their mind. And I plan on doing more. I am also considering organising a 5 day silent retreat in summer. In case you are interested in joining, helping or anything else reach out.
に Timetravel: If you are the nostalgic type, or if you are new - here you find the last twenty-nine „Mindful Week“ inspiration letters. Let me know what you think.
Mind travel: If you want to improve in your meditation and grow with others I will continue to hold my weekly sessions at OHIA Meditation studio. My Joy of Meditation sessions take place each Monday 19:00 and Tuesday 20:30. If you have been there, you know I sometimes spice things a bit a little (Salt Bae Style). In the last sessions I brought a violinist and and another a DJ, to explore the topics from a different angle.
A Mindful Week is a biweekly newsletter about living a reflected life curated by the brothers Nikolas & Alexis. If you like what you read share it with a friend.
We also run a community platform for advanced meditators called Onyra. If you want to understand yourself deeper you might also want to look into our coaching offers for change makers and their organisations.
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A Mindful Week
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