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A Mindful Week #31

A Mindful Week
A Mindful Week
Hi, I am Nikolas. This is A Mindful Week, a newsletter about living a reflected life.

Unraveling Authenticity - The Don McLean Autumn Detox
A woman stands in a crowd at a concert. 
Suddenly she freezes.
Is the singer on stage singing about her? Is he singing about the things she refused to tell to her boyfriend that morning? Why is he singing about her secrets - it feels as if he was reading her diary out loud in front of the world.  
Shame flushes her body. She is exposed - naked in front of the whole crowd: Seen. Heard. Uncovered. 
As she tries to make sense of this experience later on, she sits down and writes about her experience. She writes lines that will put a dent into pop music:
I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud
I prayed that he would finish
But he just kept right on
Strumming my pain with his fingers. 
Singing my life with his words. 
Killing me softly,
with his song.
The voice of the singer singing her life with his words belongs to Don McLean.
His tender ways to uncover what moves us underneath still reverberate today - his stories still make us feel seen. 
The lessons of his songwriting still ring true: by exposing the vulnerable, the painful, and speaking about it we connect with others and their humanity. We go to the core - and learn to let go. We “Don Mac Lean” our lives. Just like autumn does. 
In the autumn nature is shedding its leaves. All that doesn’t serve it pops up in magnificent colors to leave the system all together. Catharsis. Cleaning up. 
With autumn showing how to let go all around us, maybe we can also learn from nature an do what autumn does best - by looking to the inside.
Learning from nature and timeless songwriting, here the Don McLean Autumn Detox:
What can I let go off? What can leave my system like leaves leaving a tree? What layer of my story was once helpful and can now fade?
And maybe there, where it feels uncomfortable - a deeper story emerges. A story that would make you feel the way Lori Lieberman and Roberta Flack felt, when they heard Don Mac Lean sing:
He sang as if he knew me
In all my dark despair
And then he looked right through me as if I wasn’t there
This story if shared will unravel your authenticity and may inspire the same for others. Maybe even inspire the next classic of modern music.
I prepared a playlist to accompany you through the process of your own Don McLean Autumn Detox.
Wishing you a mindful week,
Watshiwa, in need of a Don McLean Autumn Detox
Watshiwa, in need of a Don McLean Autumn Detox
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Quote Of The Week
Finishing Thoughts
一 Introducing the “Joy of Meditation” Sessions
The joy arising from deep meditation is difficult to put into words. Let me try it though:
🕊Meditation is tuning into your radio station to find forgotten songs that make your heart melt.
🕊Meditation is binding your attention on a mast, like Ulysses, to evade the siren songs of mundane distractions - and find your home, your soul’s Ithaca.
🕊Meditation is calming the surface of the lake of your mind to let what you avoided wash up and heal.
Is this easy? It not always is. But no real adventure is.
And in a good old fashioned adventure it pays off to invite friends: Instead of clenching and fighting alone we can reunite with old companions. So how about inviting play and sensuality on your journey? Where could we go if we even invite our beginners mind and curiosity to the adventure?
In my role as the head of meditation at the stunning OHIA studios I started to teach weekly sessions - each focusing on another aspect that brings about the “Joy of meditation”.
In each session we focus on a different aspect, mindset and technique that brings the joy in deep meditation. Each experience aims to help uncover a deeper understanding of your mind and a new way of being in the world.
My next “Joy of Meditation” sessions in the OHIA Meditation studio spaceship will take place on the following days in this month: 
🕊Monday 8.11 19:00
🕊Tuesday 9.11 20:30
🕊Monday 15.11 19:00
🕊Tuesday 16.11 20:30
🕊Monday 22.11 19:00 
🕊Tuesday 23.11 20:30
The next deep dive workshop will take place at the end of the month: 
🕊Sunday 28.11 Art of Meditation Workshop (3h)
The sessions have a tendency to book out soon. I therefore recommend to book early.
To stay up to date on the latest event we created this super secretive Telegram Channel. As a subscriber you get first access bien sûr.
に Timetravel: You might have noticed. It looks different around here. This is because we moved from Substack to Revue. It’s an experiment: we want to include more personal writing and thought -hey, let’s give this a try. If you are the nostalgic type, or if you are new - here you find the last twenty-nine „Mindful Week“ inspiration letters. Let me know what you think.
Sense-making: I was invited by students of the University of Witten to give a lecture on the state of meditation in 2021. I of course couldn’t do this task any justice. But hey, I tried to put my own spin on the question and maybe that’s ok too. I will share the recording with you once I have it.
A Mindful Week is a biweekly newsletter about living a reflected life curated by the brothers Nikolas & Alexis. If you like what you read share it with a friend.
We also run a community platform for advanced meditators called Onyra. If you want to understand yourself deeper you might also want to look into our coaching offers for change makers.
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