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🗝- Thinking about the Endgame, FBA fee promotion plus Rising PPC Costs

June 3 · Issue #30 · View online
The Amazon Insider
📈Build a Business with Long-Term Growth Potential
We’re giving you a road map to help you create strong business strategies to make your business more profitable and attractive to potential future buyers. We want you to be thinking every day about the endgame. Here’s what’s new from Keyword to help you achiever that:
  1. Podcast series focused on starting a business with the end-goal of selling it. Listen to Part 2: Growing your Business Now
  2. Focusing on bringing you information about long-term growth strategies through Relentless Woman, a virtual summit in June. Hear from the founder in this new episode of Keyword Podcast.
📺 Webinar Announcement!
Covering all the following topics plus Q&A:
  • Intellectual Property: How does it impacts selling a business and the valuation?
  • Category SKUs: What’s the difference/impact when it comes to selling if you’re deep in one category vs having SKUs in multiple categories?
  • Purchasing Amazon Business: What does the process look like for a buyer?
  • How is business valuation determined?
  • What’s the process of selling from a seller perspective?
Register today!
P.S. If you can’t make it, still register so we can send you the replay later.

In Other Marketplace News:
📦Inventory Wanted!
Amazon is offering a 75% discount on FBA storage fees starting now, in June! Why? Amazon wants more inventory in warehouses to make it available for one-day shipping. There is a catch, you have to qualify by either selling 60 or more of a product in a month or be invited by Amazon. Sellers also need to be able to keep a steady stream flowing into the warehouse.
🚚But what about One-day Shipping and merchant fulfilled orders?
“We could get to one-day shipping pretty quickly,” says Deliverr cofounder, Michael Krakaris. Deliverr can also allow for shipping for eBay, Walmart and Shopify.
🙀Amazon Ad Prices Ripe to Soar in 2020
Not an ideal scenario… especially when larger companies are making the prices more competitive than ever. Sellers need to be optimizing campaigns now more than ever to stay competitive and keep costs low.
P.S. We like this company, Merkato, run by a former Googler. They can help you better optimize and build campaigns.
🔥Product Safety Misadventure
Dealing with customer complaints about product safety can be devastating. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach problems. Hint: It’s always better to be proactive. Keep compliance and safety testing up to date to avoid disastrous situations.
🚨Speaking of Product Safety
“…reducing the friction that might keep foreign (or otherwise judgment-proof) manufacturers from putting dangerous products on the market,” wrote Circuit Judge Diana Gribbon Motz.
🛍Pretty Much Everyone is Shopping on Amazon
Or at least that’s where they’re starting. It’s probably no surprise that this study found 75% of shoppers are looking on Amazon for new brands. Not to mention, 60% of shoppers surveyed say they “window shop” on Amazon. Now really is the time to get your storefronts looking amazing!
👏Insightful! Taking a Page from Amazon’s Playbook
Amazon uses a combination of data and gut feel to make decisions on what to build and sell. It’s not a bad strategy for sellers to adapt or at least look into when creating and launching new products.
😬Are we on the brink of a purge?
Remember a few months back when a bunch of brands on Vendor Central didn’t have their purchase orders fulfilled? Sources are telling the  LA Times reporter that several vendors will be moved to the marketplace soon.
💎Just for fun.. Amazon’s Treasure Truck
Is it really offering deals on treasures?
💰Final thought:
“I have a disproportionate amount of money to share,” says Mackenzie Bezos
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