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🗝- Building to Sell, Key Components for Launching Products plus Watch out for Hackers

May 22 · Issue #29 · View online
The Amazon Insider
Selling your business for top dollar
BUSINESS-ROADMAP: Here’s the first podcast in a new series, an in-depth four-part series starting with Product Sourcing leading up to selling your business for the highest possible valuation.
In the first episode, you’ll learn a product sourcing strategy from a seller that’s currently selling her business. She suggests having samples from 10 different manufacturers.
This will be a four part series and we’re going to be holding a free webinar in mid-June to wrap everything up. Not to mention, we’re adding a ton of other information to the webinar too. For example, how intellectual property impacts your business selling.
P.S. If you’re considering selling your business, you should schedule a free consultation with the merger and acquisition experts at Global Wired Advisors.
Plus.. three key components every listing needs!
Want a best selling product?💸😎💸 You’ll need to make sure each listing has three key things outlined in the latest  episode of Keyword: the Seller Stories with Daniela Bolzmann.
Announcement: Free Virtual Conference!
Three days filled with 20 sessions covering everything from seven powerful steps to create a listing that sells to dirty seller tricks. Keep in mind, the title might say Relentless Woman but it’s available (and encouraged) for all sellers. Don’t forget: it’s free.😊
Heads up: We’ll have an episode out later this week talking more about the conference.

Ok, here's the latest in news.
Quick Amazon Policy Updates:
  • 🙈Increased visibility into policy violations that can affect account health. Suspected Intellectual Property Violations, Restricted Products Policy Violations, and Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations are now all visible in Account Health experience. These violations used to be sent to your Performance Notifications inbox or to your email.
  • 📦FBA fee reimbursement policy update. If an inaccurate fee was charged because of weight and dimensions, sellers have 90 days from the date the fee was charged to submit required documentation disputing the charge.
  • 👋Goodbye Amazon’s generic size charts. Amazon has replaced them with brand-specific size charts. Brand Registered Sellers need to create a brand-specific size chart for each product to give customers the right information.
  • 🙌🏻Amazon now collecting sales tax for all orders shipped to customers in South Carolina.
Yikes! Amazon Issues Impacting FBA Shipments
Sellers are reporting issues with getting inventory to fulfillment centers because of shipping carriers’. Making matters worse, Amazon customer service is failing to help. 😢
Competing with Amazon’s Private Labels?
No biggie, at least according to these sellers.🏆
Study: Are you happy on Amazon?
Turns out most sellers are happy with the Amazon Marketplace and saw an increase in revenue last year. You can download the whole report from Feedvisor.
Hackers, Fraud and Theft, OH MY!
👎Amazon released info on a major cyber-security breach that took place during six months of 2018, affecting about 100 sellers. While it’s unclear how much the hackers stole, see how Amazon is handling the situation.
P.S. ICYMI we did an episode about protecting yourself.👍
Policy Change Controversy and Reversal
Amazon accidentally started taking down ads with religious content due to new policies. While this mistake has been corrected and ad policies have not changed, it has caused serious sales loss for sellers of religious products.
Updated Returns Policy Coming
Your customers will soon be able to return any unwanted products to any Kohl’s. This starts in less than six weeks.😲 FYI Kohl’s is excited . They’re hopeful it will bring more foot traffic into and browsing their stores. Which would be really nice, because first quarter earnings were pretty much a disaster.
Are you excited? Nervous? Frustrated? Let us know.
Robots Taking Over
Well, not quite but robots are being tested in fulfillment centers packing goods. Amazon is looking at ways to fulfill orders in swifter, stronger and faster ways. The video is pretty awesome. No word on when/if this change will take place but it’s likely at least a year out.
Making Big Bucks Reselling Returned Items💵
Anthony Connelly, a third party seller, recently made the transition from selling his own products to others’ returned ones. Find out how he gets items so cheap and why his business plan is irritating larger brand manufacturers.
Third Party Sellers More Profitable Than Ever📈
Amazon is the top internet retailer and 58% of those sales are coming from third party sellers. In 2018, the average seller generated $90,000 in sales.
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Grow fast with Payability.
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