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⏪ Rewind 2020

Aman Mittal (@amanhimself)
Aman Mittal (@amanhimself)
👋 Hello Dev!The year of 2020 is coming to an end. The Earth is completing one more revolution around the Sun.
I am not a big fan of new year resolutions since I never end up completing or even following one for a long time. However, I do like to introspect on the year passing by 😬.
In this post, I reflect back on the year 2020 and talk about things like burning out, trying to cope with its aftermath, and good things like React Native, Expo, reading books and what I am looking forward to learn in 2021.
Highlights from my GitHub, the moving the newsletter from Tinyletter to Substack and finding Blogging for devs email course that has helped me change the ways I usually share the content and learn which areas I need to make improvements.
I also shared a list of some books I enjoyed reading this year and eventually what I want to learn in the year 2021.
The newsletter for the latter half of the year has been inconsistent and I apologise for that.
The reason for this inconsistency is that I haven’t been actively publishing new blog posts and I do not see any point sending out a newsletter without having something to share. But, at the same time, I have been busy.
Busy with the stuff like creating guides. Since last month I have been working with Draftbit team on creating guides on REST API services that are easily integrated with a Draftbit app.
Draftbit is a visual tool for creating mobile apps and is based on React Native framework. It uses all the good parts of React Native ecosystem such as react-navigation, Expo, etc. The code creating using this tool is exportable using Expo.
Right now you can connect nearly any third-party Service that exposes its REST API endpoints to a Draftbit app. The guides will help you get going quickly by using the data you have already stored in any of the following services:
You can checkout the complete documentation on integrating REST API services here. As a developer, I am excited about the things we are able to do with Draftbit right now and what it is going to bring on the table in the year 2021.
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Aman Mittal (@amanhimself)
Aman Mittal (@amanhimself) @amanhimself

⚛️I write about things I learn in the form of articles and tutorials on Node.js, Reactjs, React Native, and Expo.

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