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Aman Mittal (@amanhimself)
Aman Mittal (@amanhimself)
👋 Hello Dev,
How are you doing at the time of the (almost) end of the year?
Since the last edition of the newsletter I sent you, I’ve managed to publish to new posts on React Native.
ScrollView is a component that enables to view the content on a device’s screen that is not able to be displayed in one screen. Using a scroll view component, the content can either be scrolled vertically or horizontally. This depends a lot on the design of the mobile application.
In React Native, to implement a scroll view, there are two types of components available: ScrollView and FlatList. Both of these scrollable components have at least one thing in common: a scroll bar indicator.
However, the implementation of this scroll bar indicator is not directly customizable on cross-platforms in React Native. If you are building an app whose screen design depends on displaying a customized scroll bar indicator, then let’s build one in this tutorial. To implement this, we are going to use React Native Animated API.👉 Continue reading the post here.
Charts and graphs come in handy when you want to display statistical data retrieved from the database in a meaningful way. Knowing what data visualization library is optimal for the mobile app you are working on is the first step in this process.
Cross-platform mobile app framework React Native has a ton of open source libraries that help to represent data in charts and graphs. In this post, let’s go through a variety of these libraries to conclude what may suit a particular set of requirements.
✌️ This week’s newsletter is sponsored by Jscrambler.
They are hosting a free webinar on “Source Code Protection in Hybrid Mobile Apps” next week.
If you are developing hybrid mobile apps with frameworks like React Native or Ionic, your client-side JavaScript might be exposed. Every piece of code, including code secrets, proprietary algorithms, and functions that handle sensitive data, can be retrieved and tampered with, leading to serious attacks. How can you protect your code?
You can join the free webinar on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020 | 6 pm GMT / 1 pm EST / 10 am PST. Here is the link to registration.
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Aman Mittal (@amanhimself)
Aman Mittal (@amanhimself) @amanhimself

⚛️I write about things I learn in the form of articles and tutorials on Node.js, Reactjs, React Native, and Expo.

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