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Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal
Hello Dev 👋
I hope you things are going the way you to on your end!
Since the last newsletter I manage to publish two new posts.

📝 New Posts
Credit to goes to the awesome design team at AppSignal
Credit to goes to the awesome design team at AppSignal
Patterns and Anti-patterns in Node.js
I have a long, lasting love for Node.js (since it is where I began my dev adventures) and I published a new post that focuses on patterns and best practices to follow when building Node.js applications.
This post starts from coding style practices, naming conventions, and goes into error handling, and open-source loggers that are relevant these days. There is much more!
🔗 Read here
Set up a Next.js project with ESLint, Prettier, Husky, and Lint Staged
Working on a large codebase, having a consistent style guide is important. In this post, I talk about how you can configure ESLint, Prettier, Husky, and Lint-Staged to create a workflow via a pre-commit hook so that you avoid pushing inconsistencies in your codebase.
🔗 Read here
📣This week's edition is sponsored by Napkin
With Napkin, you can create and deploy API backends for your mobile apps instantly. You also end up spending less time worrying about servers and configurations and just focusing on building your app!
Check them out: | Twitter @Napkin
🔗 Links
Last year, one of my posts on integrating Firebase auth in an Expo app was included as an official resource by Google’s Dev Library. This is how I found out about the project, where Google engineers are curating a showcase of open-source projects and blog posts built with Google technologies.
If you are looking for learning from open source projects and blogs in a particular technology that is a part of Google’s ecosystem, including Google Cloud, Angular, Machine Learning, and Firebase, go check it out!
Huge shoutout to Ankita Tripathi (@ankitar_) for introducing me to this awesome project and curating my post 🙌
That’s it for now ✌️
Have a great rest of the week!
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Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal @amanhimself

⚛️ I write about Node.js, React, React Native, and Expo and share them via this newsletter.

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