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#6 Upload images to Cloudinary from Expo Camera

Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal
👋 Hello dev and Happy Thursday!
I have a new post for you this week.
The camera feature in a mobile device allow capturing pictures and recording videos. By using the expo-camera library the process of adding that camera feature to an application becomes seamless, which is why in this post, we’ll take a look at how to use Expo Camera to take a picture and then upload that same picture to a real-time cloud service Cloudinary.➡️ Read the complete post here
📅 A month at Draftbit
Many new and shiny things happened at Draftbit in March.
I’ll start with a tiny announcement. My responsibilities and title were officially upgraded to Developer Advocate🥳 . You may know that I joined Draftbit as a tech writer in the month of February.
I had the opportunity to contribute a short demo on how one can get started to build a mobile application using Draftbit and some thoughts on No-code/Low-code tools.
The Rise of No-Code and a Guide to Using Draftbit
The Rise of No-Code and a Guide to Using Draftbit
We’ve been working towards pushing out new features, and new ways to connect REST APIs with Draftbit app. New arrivals if you want to check out:
We also manage to launch a new Community platform. If you are using Draftbit and or want to learn more about the tool itself, the Community is a good place to start.
🔗 Links
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That’s it from me for this week.
Until next one, take care and Happy coding! ✌️
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Aman Mittal
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