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#45 Long time, new posts, and some news

Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal
It has been a little bit over three months since the last letter.
Let’s look at what has been happening with me and what I’ve been writing about.

🎢 What I've been up to
Skip to the “New Posts” section if you are not interested in what I’ve been up
Three months back, when I sent the last letter, I was working full-time as a Senior Content Developer on the docs team at Vercel. I’ve left my position since then and have been mostly taking a break and traveling for a while.
Shortly after my decision to take a break from the ongoing routine, I found an opportunity to attend a tech conference in Poland for App.js conf ‘22. Hanging out with React Native and Expo community members and talking about it all day was enjoyable. Another thing that I realized during that time was the human touch that had been missing since the pandemic started.
Attending a tech conference in person after a long time and meeting folks behind Twitter and GitHub avatars in real life is truly a different and extremely satisfying experience.
It was an amazing journey, the conference was the best I have ever been to so far.
📝 New Posts
I’ve written a lot of posts in the past few months. I am going to highlight some of them and provide links for others.
Getting Started with React Navigation v6 and TypeScript in React Native
React Navigation library is one of the most used navigation libraries in the React Native ecosystem. I wrote this post describing the process I would follow when writing using TypeScript to write React Native and Expo apps to use the different navigators from the library.
One cool advantage that TypeScript provides for React Navigation is type checking for route names and route parameters.
Using Sentry SDK for Performance Monitoring with React Native apps
Monitoring performance in front-end applications is vital. It focuses on the areas of the application user experience. These areas are slow rendering or frame rate, network request errors, and unresponsive user experience. 
In this tutorial, let’s learn how to integrate Sentry SDK in a React Native application and explore how to monitor performance issues in your React Native application’s codebase.
How to use FlyCode to update your React apps on the fly
When developing an application, a faster feedback loop is essential. The feedback provided in an application does not only align with developers. It can come from different teams working on the same product.
In this tutorial, to simulate the above scenario, I used FlyCode as a way to push changes to a React app that already uses react-i18next library for providing internalization support. I didn’t touch the code when updating the changes to the app.
How to show Touch indicator on iOS simulator
Sometimes it is necessary to highlight a single touch event on the iOS simulator’s screen and show the tap that registers it. For example, this is useful when recording a video or a gif using the simulator.
The iOS simulator comes pre-configured with it. In this post, I share how to enable it by running a command from the terminal app.
Other posts:
App.js conference talks
It would be an understatement to pick a few talks from the conference and neglect the others since it has been the best tech conference I’ve attended so far.
Though, I am enlisting my two picks to help you get started:
Have to start with the amazing Keynote. Look out for the part where it says, “Expo eject is gone”. There has been some misconception for a while in the community about whether to pick Expo over vanilla React Native or not because of the situations where one might have to eject to use a native module library with Expo.
Not any more! You can simply start with Expo and move on to use a custom dev client without worrying or breaking anything to use a third-party library that uses native modules.
Keynote & Expo announcements | Charlie Cheever, Evan Bacon, Tomasz Sapeta | App.js Conf 2022
Keynote & Expo announcements | Charlie Cheever, Evan Bacon, Tomasz Sapeta | App.js Conf 2022
My favorite person to learn about Animations and implementing animated transitions in React Native world is Catalin Miron, and his talk on “Animations should be fun” is mindblowing!
Animations Should Be Fun | Catalin Miron | App.js Conf 2022
Animations Should Be Fun | Catalin Miron | App.js Conf 2022
🔥 On a side note, check out Software Mansion’s YouTube channel for more amazing talks presented at the event.
That’s it from me for now. I hope you found it useful!
Until next time ✌️
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Aman Mittal
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