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#44 New Posts on React Native, TypeScript and Node.js - @amanhimself

Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal
Hello Dev 👋
Hope this newsletter finds you in great health!
While settling down in my role as a Senior Content Developer at Vercel, I have started finding time to work on my own projects and start writing again.
Things have been a little bit overwhelming but that also allowed me to explore some new concepts and go deeper into the rabbit hole of content planning and creation for my day job.
That brings me to this newsletter. I know you didn’t get one in the middle of this month. But hey, when you subscribed to this newsletter, do you remember I told you I will not send one until I really have something to share.
Well, this time I do have three new posts to share with you.

📝 New Posts
How To Handle Deep Linking in a React Native App
Deep Linking is an interesting concept in the realm of mobile apps development. I still remember when I first implemented it in a mobile app I was working on, the way that deep links work was quite unfamiliar to me.
In this tutorial, let’s learn how to handle deep linking in a React Native app by creating an example app. We will create a simple app that will handle deep linking and go through configuring deep linking for native platforms with one command using uri-scheme package (thanks to the wonderful Expo team!!!) and React Navigation library. (Manual steps to configure uri schemes are also covered in this post but I bet after using uri-scheme package, you won’t need manual configuration :))
When to use keyExtractor prop in React Native's FlatList
In this post, let’s explore why it is not always necessary to use the keyExtractor prop in React Native’s FlatList component. The prop has is used to track the order of items from a list of items and depending on the unique key name provided on each item, it can do that automatically.
How to set up TypeScript with Node.js and Express
I recently updated my post from 2020 on how to set up TypeScript when creating server-side applications with Node.js and ExpressJS. The article covers a beginner-friendly way to set up TypeScript and the basic constraints that come with it.
🐙 From GitHub
I’ve been currently maintaining a repository on GitHub called react-native-examples. In this repo, I keep and share all the examples I create for my tutorials and blog posts on React Native and Expo. It has been two years since I have been doing this.
It recently reached 500 stars 😱⭐️
🙏 Want to thank everyone who have starred this repo! I know some of you do follow this newsletter!
Interestingly, it also gets more traffic in a day than on my blog!
I'm become an BeJS ambassador
In-person conference events are back. Recently, I got the opportunity to join the ambassador program for an international JavaScript conference organized by the @BeJS community.
The conference will take place on 13th May, 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. It’s a hybrid event (in-person + online) and they have an awesome speakers lineup!
If you are in the area or planning to attend a JavaScript conference, I’ve 5 20% off discount codes to give for tickets. You can use this link:
🔥 My blog got featured in Top 20 React blogs
📣 Shoutout to Feedspot for featuring my personal blog ( in their list of Top 20 React Blogs and sites. It’s always exciting to get recognized for one’s work
That’s it for now!
Until next time ✌️
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Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal @amanhimself

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