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Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal
👋 Hello dev
It has been a roller coaster of a year! I’m not particularly eager to sit on a roller coaster until it is too fast.
It is also the last newsletter of this year.
📝 New Posts
Create a custom hook to Show/Hide Password Visibility in React Native
A React hook that I often use in different formats when building form input screens for things like login, signup, etc., is to toggle password field visibility.
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Tamagui for React Native: Create faster design systems
The React Native system is gradually progressing towards sharing code between React Native and React Native web applications.
Tamagui is a UI kit that includes a series of themes, media queries, typed inline styles, and an optimizing compiler.
It aims to close the gap between React Native and React Native web applications by covering the foundational elements of an app, like styling, theming, and providing cross-platform components, all while keeping the app’s performance in mind.
I wrote the process and steps required to configure Tamagui in React Native and Web app in this article.
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React Architecture Patterns for Your Projects
I recently wrote my first post for OpenReplay’s blog. One more publication in my arsenal!
The architecture of a project is essential. An organized codebase is how a team of developers gets productive within the given structure in the long run. In this article, let’s look at some of the ways to keep the lifecycle of a React application healthy and well organized and what patterns you can follow.
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That’s all for now folks! Have a great rest of the week. Be safe and Happy New Year!
I’ll talk to you in the new year. ✌️
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Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal @amanhimself

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