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#37 New Newsletter, Splash Screen and app icons in React Native and more

Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal
👋 Hello Dev
It has been a while since the last newsletter came out.
What I’ve been upto
Aman Mittal ⚛️☕🖖🥑
Got a confirmation email from Revue just now. 🤩

The next newsletter you will receive will use their service.

Also, now you can subscribe (if you haven't already 😉) from my Twitter profile.

One of the things I liked about Revue is the ability for anyone to directly subscribe from my Twitter profile. Now, not that my Twitter profile gets too many visits but I thought it was worth the try.
And in just 4 days, it showed the positive effect:
Aman Mittal ⚛️☕🖖🥑
I don't know if it's Twitter + Revue effect, but within having the subscribe button the Twitter profile for 3 days 9 new subscribers! 🥳

🔗 (it's free!)
A big thank you 🙏 all the new subscribers and the old ones who are still subscribed after so many months or almost two years 😁.
Now, how do I know that I sent my first newsletter almost two years back?
This is another thing I liked about Revue. Not only it seamlessly imported all of my previous issues but showed the date stamp for each issue. And also counts each issue sent. Hence, this issue #37 (Sidenote: I’ve lost the count with time, but now the proper numbering is back 😅).
📝 New Posts
How to add Splash Screen and an App Icon in React Native by Aman Mittal
How to configure VSCode Bracket Pair Colors Natively by Aman Mittal
I wrote a couple of posts for Draftbit’s Community:
Fetching data in Custom Component | The Draftbit Community
How to create a custom button with Touchable, Icon, and Text | The Draftbit Community
Another exciting thing I did at Draftbit last week is to go through the process of creating app binaries using Expo’s Application Service (EAS) which blew my mind 🤯.
The process of building app binaries using Expo’s EAS is such a seamless process. It takes care of a lot of stuff behind the scenes and there are no headaches involved.
Thus, I wrote two new guides for Draftbit users to follow the process I went through. The steps discussed in these guides are also applicable to anyone who is using Expo to build a native mobile app.
In these guides I discuss, what are the prerequisites, preparation steps to build the app binaries, and so on.
Check them out ⬇️
Publishing on Google Play Store
Publishing on Apple's App Store
Aman Mittal ⚛️☕🖖🥑
The amount of stuff EAS service by @expo handles when creating app binaries and publishing processes to app stores is mind-blowing 🤯
🔗 Links
Here are some of the Tweets and Links I found interesting:
Must Read: Top 7 myths about Expo in 2021
Thanks to @barthap10 at Software Mansion who wrote an amazing post busting all the myths about Expo. This post is a must-read, especially if you’ve read about Expo on some two-year-old subreddit describing what it can or cannot do, and update your knowledge about it and learn yourself how awesome it is.
Top 7 myths about Expo in 2021. Expo has evolved significantly during… | by Bartłomiej Klocek | Oct, 2021 | Software Mansion
GitHub repository where I keep most of my React Native and Expo related examples source code crossed 350 stars ⭐️(It’s a huge thing for me!)
Huge thanks to all the awesome people who took the time to give it a star or sent a PR 🙏
This also helps me to keep going on and focus on sharing what I know and how we can improve together. Always be learning from each other!
GitHub - amandeepmittal/react-native-examples: 📱 A repo that contains React Native examples most related to tutorials I publish
That’s it for this one.
Stay safe and I’ll talk to you next time ✌️
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Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal @amanhimself

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