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By Amandine Alexandre

Join the zero waste revolution.

Join the zero waste revolution.

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The future is zero waste

A new report about plastic pollution came out yesterday highlighting that 20 firms produce 55% of world's plastic waste. More interestingly, it shows who are the banks and investors fuelling this plastic pollution crisis - Barclay's, HSBC, Bank of America, Ci…


I repair therefore I am🔧

Too Good To Go, the anti-waste app that has rescued 3 million meals from going to waste in the UK in less than 5 years, has launched a big anti waste campaign on January 26th in partnership with 25 consumer brands such as Arla, Nestlé, Danone, Saint Agur etc.…


Better than new 😃

The Welsh Harp or Brent reservoir in North West London is s Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) with the open water and associated habitats supporting a unusually large selection of wetland birds and plants for an inner city reservoir. However, as you …


Wanted : your old tablet, laptop or TV

Recycle your Electricals, a campaign I mentioned before here, has just launched Give Back January. The statistics they've published are complete mind-blowing. 'Every year between Black Friday and Christmas the UK buys a massive 53.5 million electrical items.'…


Sack Off Secret Santa

Did you know that you could make jewellery from old electrical appliances? I had no idea until I read about the 'Five Gold Ring' created by UK non-for-profit organisation Material Focus for Recycle Your Electricals.


Find your tribe

I am taking you to Brighton where Jenny Barrett launched SuperLooper a month ago after a career in fashion and marketing. SuperLooper is one of a kind. It’s a clothing library for babies and toddlers that doesn’t break the bank, nor the planet. Although there…


It's pants👙

Pantee came up on my radar at the start of this year. I’ve catched up with Katie McCourt, one of the founders, via email last week as the Kickstarter campaign was about to be launched.


My new super power💪

Newly launched website Reboxed is on a mission to save hundreds of millions of used smartphones from lying unused or, worse, being sent to landfill. The Brixton-based company, an aspiring B-corp certification business, sells refurbished iPhones, Samsungs as w…


The last straw✂️

London FIRST repair week is there!Before it had even started the event already highlighted the phenomenal interest young Londoners have for anything that will enable them to grow their repair skills, according to some research commissioned by London Recycles.…


The T Collective and other good news 😻

Earlier this month, a product designed by students to reduce the amount of microplastic air pollution caused by car tyres has won the 2020 UK James Dyson Award.Globally, it is estimated that tyre-wear accounts for nearly half of road transport particulate emi…


Package free shopping is ⬆️

Online sustainable supermarket Good Club is trialling its zero waste delivery box. 😍With interest in home-delivered staple grocery products increasing since the Covid-19 crisis, the retailer has opened its first distribution hub in North London to support the…


Bleu Blanc Green💚

Circular economy holds the key to post-COVID growth, says WRAP, one of the leading waste reduction organisation in the UK. Recycling more, making products easier to repair and renting or leasing rather than buying consumer goods could be the secret to boostin…


Reusable containers are FINE 🌈

👍 London based fruit and veg delivery Oddbox are taking on new customers and expanding the area they deliver to. You can check the content of the boxes for the week coming on their website and find out which items come in plastic packaging. The produce is res…


Wear a reusable mask, plant a seed🌱

Less than 2 weeks until #PlasticFreeJuly. 🛎Since it started out in 2011 as a local initiative in Western Australia, the Plastic Free July challenge has grown into a global movement.Last year, 250 MILLION people signed up to the challenge and 825 MILLION of ki…


Hope dealer 🗞

Do you have a working smartphone 📱 that is gathering dust? Would you consider giving it to someone who doesn't have one? If so, you can donate it to Hubbub as part of their #CommunityCalling appeal. The waste reduction organisation is collecting smartphones i…


Preloved is getting more 💗

Slow Fashion for Kids (ex-Little Beans preloved) are opening a permanent shop in Barnet on Wednesday. The store, located at 162 Barnet High street, will offer a selection of good quality items for kids aged 0 till 8. The new shop is part of a growing number o…


We've got the power💪

How long did it take to create the microplastic filter? About 18 months.What were the main hurdles that you had to overcome? The premature blocking up of the filter was the main issue we encountered. This is why we developed the cartridge system.Why is called…


The revolution is on

Isabel Mack is the founder of Party Kit Network. She very quickly established a thriving network of Party kits owners across the UK and she's hoping to take her waste reduction entreprise even further.


The equivalent of 2.3 million 🚗

Sebastian Wood is one the volunteers behind the People's Fridge in Brixton.


Wear and care is back in fashion

Christmas can prove a very difficult time to navigate for zero waste advocates. Some people have found a radical solution to avoid the waste and the expenses. They just don't celebrate it anymore, or at least don't exchange presents. If you want to enjoy the …