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What press are looking for this week + Digital ad fraud 101, Wind power success, the tech press timeline (where are you?) and 5 things shaping our world

Morning! Amid the noise from Davos and Trump's inauguration banter, there is still room for comment a
What press are looking for this week + Digital ad fraud 101, Wind power success, the tech press timeline (where are you?) and 5 things shaping our world
By Amanda Lorenzani • Issue #4 • View online
Amid the noise from Davos and Trump’s inauguration banter, there is still room for comment and opinion in the press on other topics :) See some of this week’s best requests below and let me know if you’d like to contribute to any. Also below, an overview of digital ad fraud, where to go for WEF latest news, more on the gathering pace of the Universal Basic IncomePwC’s 5 things that are shaping our world today, which the most dynamic world cities are and what the tech press “clock” looks like…what time is your business on?
Have a great week and get in touch if you’d like to comment on any of the press requests (amanda at

The Telegraph - top tips for ISAs and Help To Buy ISAs. Deadline 18th Jan.
Financial Times - Looking for expert commentary on the changes/developments that need to occur in early education – both UK and global perspective - to boost the number of women getting into computer science, artificial intelligence (particularly robotics). Deadline 31st Jan.
The Guardian - Do you use apprentices in your business? The Guardian is producing a print supplement on the topic for publication in March and need case studies - a school leaver doing an apprenticeship and a student doing a higher (i.e. degree level) apprenticeship. They’ll need to do a short phone interview about why they chose the apprenticeship and what they like about it, and supply a picture. Deadline 26th Jan.
The Guardian - Are coworking spaces the new members clubs? Looking to speak to owners/management of members clubs and coworking spaces. Deadline 26th Jan. - looking to hear from senior B2B marketers about the hiring process. Where do they find the best talent? Is the process normally a struggle? What qualifications are they looking for (if any)? Has a particular course/university/qualification stood out for any reason? And what advice do you have for marketers looking to hire? Deadline 23rd Jan.
Enterprise Nation - looking for British entrepreneurs who have successfully exported food or drink products to France for a profile. Deadline 20th Jan.
Natwest ContentLive - putting together an article on how investors can spot an idea worth investing in, including models and mechanisms which can be used successfully. The piece is aimed at individuals earning more than £100k. They are looking for written comments by non-bank experts. Deadline 17th Jan.
Virgin Disruptors - Feature for Virgin: looking for entrepreneurs who made little changes that make all the difference to their working life. They want to know how startups or entrepreneurs are trying to become that little bit happier by doing slightly different things. Deadline 25th Jan.

The UK Cloud Awards - deadline 24th Jan: showcases the leading cloud vendors, customers and individuals who are setting the benchmark in the UK.
WHAT WE’VE BEEN READING THIS WEEK - here is a snapshot of the things that have caught our eyes.
UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME - The previously theoretical Utopian idea of a Universal Basic Income has been on my mind  a lot over the last few years and it appears to be gathering steam at a rate of knots globally (from Elon Musk to Finland, which is currently trialling the scheme, and Glasgow where the idea is growing) the futurologists are all predicting it will be a must have, even though Trump and many other politicians are not talking about automation yet…Harvard Business Review will tell you why HERE.) 
If you’re interested in this model and current thinking also take a look at Guy Standing’s article in The Guardian - how the Universal Basic Income is becoming an urgent necessity.
MOBILE AD FRAUD 101 - This is a MUST READ by Dr. Augustine Fou about the impending “Adpocalyps” on the ad horizon, thanks to the quasi-unbelievable levels of fraud in the industry ($1 in every $6 is fraud apparently).
WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM - For all the latest on the shenanigans at Davos, Bloomberg are running some nice rolling coverage of the event here:
WHAT’S RESHAPING OUR WORLD: OVERVIEW - the 5 global shifts reshaping the world by PwC are; Demographic shifts, economic power, accelerating urbanisation, Climate change and technology breakthroughs. 
From WEF - the most dynamic cities in the world:
These are the most dynamic cities in the world – and they’re not the ones you’d expect | World Economic Forum
INTERESTING READ ON THE TECH PRESS “CLOCK” - I often cite this lifecycle of news to my clients and dug out this explanation from 2015 by Aaron Zamost which still rings true:
How the Tech Press Forces a Narrative on Companies it Covers
A few thoughts from Loic Le Meur about “How To Think Like A Startup” are available on the trusty Slideshare here:
How to think like a startup
GOOD NEWS - This month the UK produced more electricity via wind power than via coal for the first time. 
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