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The Green Issue - from Pantone To Gates, the trends shaping 2017 + press requests this week

In this issue Green is upon us - what this means for 2017. The year of the DDoS attack. Why Facebook
The Green Issue - from Pantone To Gates, the trends shaping 2017 + press requests this week
By Amanda Lorenzani • Issue #1 • View online
In this issue
Green is upon us - what this means for 2017. The year of the DDoS attack. Why Facebook is incompatible with news, what Andreessen Horowitz has to say about mobile (see the slides) and what journalists want for their stories at the moment.
Enjoy the conversation :)

TREND TO WATCH: Often I’m asked what trends will shape our conversation in the coming months. I think Pantone has nailed it with the announcement of their colour for 2017 “Greenery”. Watch out for everything related to hope, nature, regeneration and regrowth. Shape your messaging around inspiring hope in your customers after a particularly turbulent 2016.
Color of 2017? Pantone Picks a Spring Shade
THOUGHT PROVOKING …and talking of the colour green…Bill Gates has just announced a $1 billion green energy fund to fight climate change. It includes backing from Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma making it the richest collection of investors ever. 
Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, and other investors worth $170 billion are launching a clean-energy fund to fight climate change — Quartz
CAN YOU COMMENT ON: 2016 had the largest number of DDoS attacks ever. I’m seeing increasing requests from press on cyber security in all its forms (techniques, how, what it means for big business and SMEs alike, social implications and implications for IoT market). Here’s the graph showing the scale of attacks worldwide this year.
Largest DDoS attack each year
MUST SEE SLIDES: Benedict Evans from Andreessen Horowitz gives an insightful and succinct presentation of the state of mobile.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Excellent analysis by Olivia Solon in The Guardian about how 2016 was the year Facebook changed forever.
2016: the year Facebook became the bad guy | Technology | The Guardian
IF YOU HAVE TIME - Frederic Filloux has an excellent analysis of the incompatibility of Facebook with News.
Facebook’s Walled Wonderland Is Inherently Incompatible With News
THE CHANGING USER INTERFACE - I had a long conversation with Oblong Technologies founder John Underkoffler the other day. They just receIved $65 million in backing to further develop their minority-report style operating systems. John’s vision for the future of the interface between computers and humans is inspiring. One to watch.
Oblong Industries raises $65 million for 'Minority Report'-style gesture technologies | VentureBeat | AR/VR | by Dean Takahashi
AMAZON GO - Walk in. Get what you want. Leave. A snapshot of shopping in the very near future. How will this change consumer behaviours and expectations?
Amazon Moves to Cut Checkout Line, Promoting a Grab-and-Go Experience - The New York Times
WHAT PRESS ARE LOOKING FOR THIS WEEK: Yep, its the ‘end of year time of year’. Have you got your lists ready? Top 10s, Best Things Of The Year Ever, What Worked Best In 2016 etc. If you have any insightful comment now is the time to unveil it. What does your company data reveal about trends you’ve seen this year?
ALSO - national newspapers are on the hunt for anything connected with fitness, lifestyle, life changing tech.
AND - Do entrepreneurs need to have an MBA? we’re seeing a lot of requests on education for founders (probably in anticipation of new year’s resolutions). Any thoughts on whether an MBA is worth it?
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Amanda Lorenzani

Musings Of A Media Strategist: tips and trends to maximise your press engagement. Technology, Culture & Society plus what press are asking for this week.

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