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Press requests this week + fake news is about to get scarier & the AI startups to watch in 2017

Hello! Well that was a memorable few days. Tearing myself away from feed refreshing and addictive new
Press requests this week + fake news is about to get scarier & the AI startups to watch in 2017
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Well that was a memorable few days. Tearing myself away from feed refreshing and addictive news consumption, I’ve realised that my new best friend is radio which allows me to digest information in a more nuanced and analytical way rather than in short sharp shock soundbites that leave little room for deep thought. Radio 4 is my new best friend. 
This week we see many commentators turning to the themes of big data, analysis, of course the fake news issue again, and more AI. Press requests are below - get in touch if any are relevant to you.
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The Independent - Will the Trump era prompt a new focus by investors on morals within big business after Silicone Valley wades in? For a piece about modern consumer investing trends, the statements by various Silicone Valley tech firms shows the lines between good, profitable business and good morals are increasingly blurred.
Ethical investing has been around for a long time but are we looking at a new dawn for investing with conscience as ‘good’ businesses alarm increasingly to be successful ones?
Looking for fund manager, analyst and investment adviser comment. Deadline TOMORROW!
BBC need to speak to people with knowledge of “Brushing” - Story about online 'brushers’ who pose as fake buyers on websites to boost a seller’s rating. They purchase a product, then input a random delivery address, before leaving a positive review. In the UK people are receiving bizarre packages, containing clothing, gadgets or just general tat. The shipping address is usually China. If you can comment or have a personal experience they want to speak with you. Deadline 2nd Feb.
Home House magazine looking for luxe sports gadgets - the magazine that goes out to all Home House members are on the hunt for high end sports gadgets. They need price, high resolution image and description. Deadline 7th Feb.
Thompson Reuters HR & compliance in banks - Looking for comment on the role of HR and compliance in banks when it comes to combating internal fraud. They are keen to speak to experts about how the financial services sector can improve their detection of employee fraud and the role of HR and compliance in detecting employee fraud. Deadline 2nd Feb.
Financial Times - Researching for a piece looking at how businesses from emerging and advanced markets can successfully combine when they acquire or merge with each other. The piece will focus on the management and people aspects of making a success of such unions. They need to interview businesses that have acquired or merged with businesses from markets at a different state of development to their own. What worked in terms of bridging the cross-cultural divide in management and workplace practices and crucially where they made mistakes and what they learned from them. Themes could include: communication strategy, use of local versus expat managers, differences in perspective in what it means to be a good boss, to produce a high quality product and how teams from advanced and emerged markets can overcome linguistic and cultural barriers to work together effectively. Deadline 3rd Feb.
The London Metro - are really going niche in their tech requests at the moment. Following last week’s “PetTech” they now want all things “ToiletTech”. Yes, you heard it here first. It’s a thing. They want all the advancements of toilet technology, from the automated high-tech toilets you get in Japan and can buy for the home, to smart seats, smart toilet brushes etc. Essentially they are after any cool/innovative/intriguing/silly gadgets from the world of toilets. Deadline 7th Feb. 
The Guardian - researching a feature about mature women in tech and they are keen to hear of any startups geared towards older women, and with female founders. Deadline 10th Feb.
London, New Year New Optimism? Thoughts by David Snell at PwC with a great context-placing nugget; “although it dominates the news, leaving the EU is by no means the only challenge facing London - many of our challenges are home grown.”
Ha Duong, former associate of Techstars, has complied a great list of the European AI startups to watch in Europe for 2017 - read it here on
MUST READ: Fake news is about to get scarier. Excellent observations by Nick Bilton in Vanity Fair, which in his own words tells us “how fake news is about to morph to become fake video and fake audio, and will wreak utter havoc on our democracy.”
Fake News Is About to Get Even Scarier than You Ever Dreamed | Vanity Fair
AI - Deloitte on why humans and computers think better together. A very interesting read on how the fears that AI could replace humans are unfounded:
Cognitive collaboration: Why humans and computers think better together | Deloitte University Press
MUST READ: The Vanishing Point - Tim Cross in The Guardian looks ahead 30 years and what computing will look like. How small can we go?
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