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DLD, Greece's €280M fund of funds, Stuff From CES, Media Manipulation Deconstructed, MIT's AI predictions + Press requests this week

Hello! I'm guessing you're all back in the saddle after a nice Winter's break. Good luck with any res
DLD, Greece's €280M fund of funds, Stuff From CES, Media Manipulation Deconstructed, MIT's AI predictions + Press requests this week
By Amanda Lorenzani • Issue #3 • View online
I’m guessing you’re all back in the saddle after a nice Winter’s break. Good luck with any resolutions you’ve promised to keep - mine is to make 2017 “The Year Of Awesome.” 
In this week’s issue: some great press requests as journalists start planning for the rest of the month, Greece’s new fund for startups, CES’s crazy gadgets, DLD about to kick off, media manipulation broken down and a look at 2016’s deep learning progress + MIT’s predictions for AI in 2017.
Have a great week and get in touch if any of the below is you.

Start ups in 2017 for Music Ally - Doing a report about music/tech (and related) startups, which will be published alongside their NY:LON Connect conference later in January. The question is:
‘What kind of music/tech (or related) startups are you most excited about in 2017, and why? Which areas do you see the interesting new companies coming from, or alternatively, which areas do you think need more innovation – which problems would you like to see more startups tackling?’: Deadline 17th Jan.
Health tech for The Sun - Looking for any new health campaigns, startups or tech and also any newly discovered conditions that haven’t had much exposure to spotlight. Deadline 12th Jan.
Chinese tech for The Gadget Show (TV) - looking for the best in Chinese tech to rival it’s western counterparts. You need to have a sample of the technology for the show available to send to the studio in the next 2 weeks.
Impact of AI on call centre workers for the Financial Times - Do you have insight on how AI will impact the call centre business? The FT wants to hear from you asap.
Ethics for the Independent - The Indy is looking to do a feature about ethics presented by tech like self driving cars.  If you have comment or examples about ethical issues presented by automation in any sector please shout. Deadline ASAP.
UK Business Climate for Finance Monthly - Finance Monthly is looking for business experts to comment on recent UK business confidence. 300- 500 words for inclusion on their overview online. Deadline ASAP.
URGENT CELEBRITY REQUEST FROM THE METRO - If you represent any celebs, Metro is looking to interview for a full page feature in the UK version.
GREECE HAS LAUNCHED A NEW FUND FOR STARTUPS - here is how the new €260 Million fund-of-funds will work
THE LONGER READ for those interested in media manipulation (if you have time): Danah Boyd (now principal researcher at Microsoft Research) has been a staple in the digital scene forever and her insights into tech and culture are not to be missed. Here she breaks down the manipulation of the media give a nuanced and extremely good analysis as usual.  
Hacking the Attention Economy – Data & Society: Points
THE LIGHTER READ - CES overview: The futuristic trends of 2017 (if you’re interested in what’s in store for consumers): in a nutshell; toothbrushes that film inside your mouth, washing machines with smart devices, beds with thermostats, emotional cars and the “you’re really pushing it but I guess they will love it” smart hairbrush that tells you if you’ve having a bad hair day.
PRESENTATION TO WATCH: Andreessen Horowitz’s Frank Chen breaks down the self driving car phenomenon into 16 digestible points. A must watch.
16 Questions about Self Driving Cars on Vimeo
COMMENT ON CULTURE: Is Canada the first “Postnational Country”? Very interesting comment in The Guardian on the Canadian proposition.
LONG BUT MUST-READ for deep learning facts: This is what the world of Deep Learning looked like in 2016 - and here are MIT’s predictions for AI in 2017:
5 Big Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017
MUST READ ON THE ECONOMIST - How voice technology is transforming computers. A great look at this hugely significant leap in the way we interact with technology.
How voice technology is transforming computing | The Economist
EVENTS - DLD IS TAKING PLACE 15-17 JAN IN MUNICH - keep an eye on the news and views coming out of this fabulous conference, here’s the speaker list and follow #dld17.
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