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Always Be Curious🔎 #23

The United States opened a new era of human space travel yesterday: SpaceX, the company founded by bi

Always Be Curious🔎

May 31 · Issue #23 · View online
Always Be Curious is your weekly shot of sci-tech coverage. Bringing you the now, the how and the wow of science and technology with a special focus on the chip industry.

The United States opened a new era of human space travel yesterday: SpaceX, the company founded by billionaire Elon Musk, for the first time launched astronauts into orbit, almost ten years after NASA retired the space shuttle program. 🚀 The ride up out of the atmosphere looked, well, smooth. Including designer space suits for the two American astronauts, a capsule with Tesla-like dashboards, live streams with telemetry and onboards…and a rocket that fell back to Earth before successfully parking itself on a platform in sea. ♥️
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👨‍💻The round-up in sci-tech💡
SpaceX successfully launches first crew to orbit, ushering in new era of spaceflight (The Verge)
The drones were ready for this moment (The New York Times)
South Korean cafe hires robot barista to help with social distancing (Reuters)
When SimCity got serious: the story of Maxis Business Simulations and SimRefinery (The Obscuritory)
Luxury blue paint pigment catalyses its own ‘disease’ (Chemistry World)
How many qubits are needed for quantum supremacy? (IEEE Spectrum)
Inside the NSA’s secret tool for mapping your social network (WIRED)
Self-driving cars are being trained in virtual worlds while the real one is in chaos (MIT Technology Review)
Watch this US Navy ship destroy a flying drone with a laser weapon (Business Insider)
🤓This week in chips⚠️
Huawei builds up 2-year reserve of 'most important' US chips (Nikkei Asian Review)
China falling badly short of ‘Made In China 2025’ chip target (Electronics Weekly)
How can (should) the US re-build its semis industry? (Digits to dollars blog)
How china’s semis complex invests for growth (Digits to dollars blog)
📈By the numbers📉
Oculus Quest sold $100 million worth of games and apps in its first year (RoadToVR)
❤️For the love of tech❤️
Always Be Curious is curated by Sander Hofman, Corporate Communications Manager at ASML. My company provides chipmakers with everything they need (machines, software and services) to mass produce integrated circuits on silicon. Opinions expressed in this newsletter are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.
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