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Always Be Curious🔎 #22

Every good newsletter format should have room for a wild card. In Always Be Curious, that's my ❤️For

Always Be Curious🔎

May 24 · Issue #22 · View online
Always Be Curious is your weekly shot of sci-tech coverage. Bringing you the now, the how and the wow of science and technology with a special focus on the chip industry.

Every good newsletter format should have room for a wild card. In Always Be Curious, that’s my ❤️For The Love Of Tech❤️ section at the bottom. I use it to profile mostly random stuff that I’ve come across over the course of the week, like tweets, videos, books, podcasts or photos. This week’s LOVE goes to the intersection of digital technology and music! 🎶 So check out my favorite electronic music album of the moment, Canadian producer Nathan Micay’s Blue Spring. I’ve highlighted one of my favorite tracks on the album (‘Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain’) at the bottom. Blue Spring has a rich house sound with plenty of bass and bold breakbeats, reminiscent of 90s house, British rave, jungle and garage. Press play on tape, folks. ▶️
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Have a good week, stay safe and sound. Peace out! ✌️

👨‍💻The round-up in sci-tech💡
SpaceX and Boeing's bitter rivalry over crewed spaceflight (Washington Post)
“The Hill and big industry and most of the leadership at NASA thought the answer was to give the money to Boeing and let them do it. Change is hard in a bureaucracy. And Eisenhower had it right with the military industrial base — they are not going to let it go easily. Human spaceflight is the holy grail.”
New bionic eye might see better than we do (ExtremeTech)
James Dyson interview: how I blew £500m on electric car to rival Tesla (The Sunday Times)
“There’s huge sadness and disappointment. Ours is a life of risk and of failure. We try things and they fail. Life isn’t easy.”
The great 5G conspiracy (The Atlantic)
Apple-Google contact tracing tech launches, with 23 countries seeking access (Reuters)
AI-powered biotech can help deploy a vaccine in record time (WIRED)
“This is where combining AI with biotechnology is headed, and within several years all vaccine and medication development could be done this way.”
Europe's supercomputers hijacked by attackers for crypto mining (BBC News)
Using tech to teach smartly (The New York Times)
🤓This week in chips⚠️
Samsung builds sixth domestic contract chip-making line (Reuters)
“Samsung is targeting the second half of next year to start producing advanced 5 nanometre chips, using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology, on the added line in its plant in Pyeongtaek city, within a two-hour drive of the capital, Seoul.”
EUV's uncertain future at 3 nm and below (Semiconductor Engineering)
US adds new sanction on Chinese tech giant Huawei (The Washington Post)
SMIC unlikely to replace TSMC amid Huawei ban (Digitimes)
Ultra-dense optical data transmission over standard fibre with a single chip source (Nature Communications)
📈By the numbers📉
People, power and technology: 2020 'digital attitudes' report (doteveryone)
❤️For the love of tech❤️
'Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain' - Nathan Micay - Blue Spring (2019)
Always Be Curious is curated by Sander Hofman, Corporate Communications Manager at ASML. My company provides chipmakers with everything they need (machines, software and services) to mass produce integrated circuits on silicon. Opinions expressed in this newsletter are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.
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