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Always Be Curious🔎 #18

I've worked in the chip industry for over a decade now. And since my very first day, I've been impres

Always Be Curious🔎

April 26 · Issue #18 · View online
Always Be Curious is your weekly shot of sci-tech coverage. Bringing you the now, the how and the wow of science and technology with a special focus on the chip industry.

I’ve worked in the chip industry for over a decade now. And since my very first day, I’ve been impressed with the levels of creativity and commitment of the scientists and engineers that keep this global industry going. A new machine. A smarter process. A different material. A new transistor. In this week’s edition of ABC, the articles in the chips section are living proof of that relentless search for the new, the better, the faster. ⚡️🧠 Enjoy!
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👨‍💻The round-up in sci-tech💡
Hubble marks 30 years in space with tapestry of blazing starbirth (NASA)
Fusion energy gets ready to shine—finally (WIRED)
Amsterdam to Paris in 90 minutes? Dutch tout hyperloop as future of travel (The Guardian)
All models are wrong, but some are completely wrong (British Royal Statistical Society)
Pushing science speed limits (Issues in Science and Technology)
The computer scientist who can’t stop telling stories (Quanta)
Remembering the unstoppable Freeman Dyson (Quanta)
Bird: the electric scooter startup with big workplace problems (The Verge)
🤓This week in chips⚠️
How the father of FinFETs helped save Moore’s Law (IEEE Spectrum)
“As technologists, we have the responsibility to make sure the thing doesn’t stop, because once it stops, we’re losing the biggest hope for us to have more abilities to solve the world’s difficult problems.”
Apple aims to sell Macs with its own chips starting in 2021 (Bloomberg)
Experts invent a new way to track semiconductor technology (IEEE Spectrum)
📈By the numbers📉
See how your community is moving around differently due to COVID-19 (Google)
Mobility Trends Reports (Apple)
❤️For the love of tech❤️
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Always Be Curious is curated by Sander Hofman, Corporate Communications Manager at ASML. My company provides chipmakers with everything they need (machines, software and services) to mass produce integrated circuits on silicon. Opinions expressed in this newsletter are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.
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