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Always Be Curious🔎 #11

Moments before distributing this newsletter today, I decided to add a podcast that I had listened to

Always Be Curious🔎

March 8 · Issue #11 · View online
Always Be Curious is your weekly shot of sci-tech coverage. Bringing you the now, the how and the wow of science and technology with a special focus on the chip industry.

Moments before distributing this newsletter today, I decided to add a podcast that I had listened to earlier this week. 🎙
Fortunes of hightech’ chronicles the early days of ASM International, one of the first semiconductor companies in the Netherlands, and its legendary CEO Arthur del Prado. 👍 If you’ve ever wondered where my company got the cryptic name ASML or how the high tech industry in the Netherlands came to fruition, then this Dutch podcast is a solid start to your journey.
So what are your favorite podcasts in science and tech? 💬 Share them with me! Hit the rating button at the bottom on this newsletter and leave your suggestion(s).
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👨‍💻The round-up in sci-tech💡
Nextstrain: real-time tracking of pathogen evolution (Nextstrain)
SETI@Home is over. But the search for alien life continues (WIRED)
Robots aren’t taking our jobs—they’re becoming our bosses (The Verge)
GM unveils a new electric vehicle platform and battery in bid to take on Tesla (The Verge)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra teardown (iFixit)
When will the Amazon hit a tipping point? (Nature)
🤓This week in chips⚠️
Intel’s culture needed fixing. Its CEO is shaking things up (The New York Times)
Behind the scenes of a major quantum breakthrough (Honeywell blog)
📈By the numbers📉
A birthday gift from Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi blog)
❤️For the love of tech❤️
I listened to this 1-hour long episode of Dutch podcast De Technoloog (The Technologist) this week. Very entertaining interview with Jorijn van Duijn about his compelling research into ASM International and its founder and Dutch icon of high tech, Arthur del Prado.
Always Be Curious is curated by Sander Hofman, Corporate Communications Manager at ASML. My company provides chipmakers with everything they need (machines, software and services) to mass produce integrated circuits on silicon. Opinions expressed in this newsletter are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.
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