There's no ladder to climb in life/career | Single Source of Truth | and more





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There's no ladder to climb in life/career | Single Source of Truth | and more
By Dr S. S.  • Issue #9 • View online

3 points - Recommendation/Idea/Resource
Key point: “Work-life is about Cooperation, not competition”. Struggling in your career to reach the top? Then you need a paradigm shift. I highly recommend the following article for you to read.
Busting the career ladder myth | Zapier
Work-life is about Cooperation, not competition. There's no ladder to climb. There's a path, your own path to travel.
Have a “Single Source of Truth” (SSOT) app to rely on taking every decision. All your relevant data to your life goal, career goal must be residing inside this app (not distributed across different apps). It may be a task manager or note-taking app or even a physical notebook. Create it, edit it, and review it often. This will keep you in line as days go by and keep you clear and out of unwanted confusion in the process of decision-making.
Stay tuned to know more about this and how to use it in your personal productivity system.
Key point: What’s your SSOT?
Raycast is a better alternative to Alfred. Raycast like Alfred replaces Mac’s ‘Spotlight’ ability to a higher standard. You could do more things quicker with Raycast. Check it out if you use Mac.
Bonus (another knowledge management tool)
Tweets worth sharing…
Prof. Feynman
There are two rules in life:

1) Never give out all the information.
Teaching is pure, the urge to teach is not.
See you until next issue 👋 .
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Dr S. S.

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