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SocialCurrentSee✅® newsletter in TriloGi® - Issue #65

Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
#socialcurrentsee leads today to introduce Fair Plan, a program that provides basic home insurance coverage to high-risk residents who are unable to get covered by standard insurers. Homes in wildfire-prone areas and older residences in need of updates might be considered high-risk properties. If you have a history of frequent claims or a poor credit score, you may also be considered high risk by insurance companies.
The topic of property fire insurance came with recent urgency because our HOA community at the base of the sprawling Cleveland National Forest in Temescal Valley received a fire insurance cancelation notice of nonrenewal beginning in mid-November. The notice causes particular alarm and angst for the condo portion (170 units) of our community because our fire insurance has been covered by our dues. The HOA Board, insurance broker, and the HOA law firm are scrambling to secure an alternative plan.

TRILOGY GLEN IVY A 1317-home community with 170 condominiums, peaceful, beautify, and majestic. But the setting at the base of the Cleveland National Forest prompts an alarm about high fire risk.
Interview: How homeowners can better insure their home against natural disasters -
California Fire Insurance Policies Battle Heats Up |
Battle over California fire insurance policies intensifies
CA Fire Insurance Proposal |
What Is the California FAIR Plan & What Does It Cover? | Policygenius
Basics on understanding the California FAIR Plan
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SocialCurrentSee✅® newsletter in TriloGi® - Issue #65 | Revue
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Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011 @

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