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SocialCurrentSee✅® newsletter in TriloGi® - Issue #52

Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
✅  TriloGI® Thematic ▶ SEEK✅SEARCH✅FIND some of the current stories about ▶ COVID-19, one of 41 magazines archived in SocialCurrentSee® 2021, with some comments just captured in the companion platform FREETalk and elsewhere.
✅ The worldwide pandemic known as #COVID-19 has produced more than 200 million cases globally and over 35 million in the United States. Recorded to date, over 4 million deaths from COVID-19 worldwide and over 600,000 in the U.S.
✅ Regarding these microblogger archives, journals are privately written and some publically posted by… 
✅ Some posts record accounts on FLIPBOARD and other microblogs synched within LINKEDIN, TWITTER, GETTR, and FREETALK. As usual, a ‘TriloGI®’ (three different search engines) help compose the lineup today with some commentary marked via a simple ✅…

✅ Teachers Union head calls for Vaccine mandates and lessons on the 1.6.21 ‘Insurrection’
✅ Study finds greater antibody response in recovered COVID-19 patients than vaccinated ones
✅ ‘State of Fear’: are we being manipulated by behavioural scientists?
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CAnswersDAILY® IN TriloGI® SOCIALCURRENTSEE.COM® in magazines, sites, blogs for common interest developments (more than HOAs) ▶® ▶
✅ Beyond these communities of sites, @ALTALOMAN is the curator and archivist of content within social media that deal with the far-reaching topics of cancer and recovery, philanthropy and nonprofits, and common interest developments, aka homeowner associations (HOAs), as if that’s enough to follow for a retired boomer in TriloGI®.
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🔥 The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal
🔥 COVID-19: The Great Reset
🔥 Year of the Nurse: A 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Memoir
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Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011 @

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