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SocialCurrentSee✅® newsletter in TriloGi - Issue #48

Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
✅ Thematic ▶ SEEK✅SEARCH✅FIND some of the mid-summer stories about #ANIMALITY circulating in SocialCurrentSee® 2021
✅ Meaning of ANIMALITY is evolving, considered in context, and various connotations can be found in WORDNIK: “The characteristics or nature of an animal; animals considered as a group; the animal kingdom; the animal instincts of humans as distinct from their spiritual nature.”
✅ Regarding these microblogger archives, journals are privately written and some publically posted by CANSWERIST® in ALTACITIES® and in SocialCurrentSee®. Plus, posts record additional accounts on FLIPBOARD and other microblogs. A ‘TriloGI®’ (three different search engines) help compose the lineup today with some commentary marked via a simple ✅…

Revue ▶  
Do Animals Have Souls?
SOCIALMEDiA @ TriloGi® ✅ When you change the way you find things, the things you find change ✅
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