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By Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011

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Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
Michael & Dee Dee Foxworth ▶ TriloGi® bloggers since 2011
✅  Thematic Search  ▶ SEEK/SEARCH/FIND some of the current content about the immunocompromised during COVID-19. Timely, because my July 22 appointment for a periodic (every 90 days) IVIG arrived to provide a personal immunity boost. For the first time, the 3+ hour infusion took place at a local outpatient clinic for the City of Hope, saving me the two-plus-hour roundtrip to the Duarte campus.
✅ Regarding this history, journals are privately written and some publically posted by this CANSWERIST® in these ALTACITIES® (AC), and our SocialCurrentSee® (SCS). Plus, we archive additional accounts on FLIPBOARD® and other social media. In fact, it was our 2006 diagnosis with mantle cell lymphoma (still in sustained remission since 2010) that launched these journals and accounts, granting me the sanguine avocation of a microblogger in the post-retirement years.
✅ Of course, even though vaccinated, I had to wear a mask for the 7/22/21 clinic appointment and no visitors (family) were allowed in the clinic, as is true for all medical appointments now and in the indefinite future. All staff in the clinic were masked as well. What does that say about the current and evolving state of the pandemic?
✅The answer is anybody’s guess, but if you read the content links below, you will find that we may be five years or more away before the return to life as we once knew it. When that status returns, an amalgam of what was and what is today, we will call it the new normal. But we may still remain alarmed about how life has changed beyond the normal we once knew.

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Study from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Shows COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe But 25% Of Blood Cancer Patients Do Not Produce Detectable Antibodies
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