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Along for the Ride - Issue #57

Heya friends! Happy new year. Some of you are probably really jazzed about CES right now, while other
Along for the Ride - Issue #57
By Sarah Barnes • Issue #57 • View online
Heya friends! Happy new year. Some of you are probably really jazzed about CES right now, while others are about to get their rocks off at TRB. Wherever you find yourself this week I hope this new year is treating you well, and inspiring you in a multitude of ways.
As this newsletter lands, I’ve probably just returned to London, excited to start another year contemplating the ever-changing relationship between cities, technology, and how we chose to move everyday.
And an ask for you: With it being the start of the year, I’d love to hear your feedback on this newsletter. You can give it a thumbs up or down at the bottom of this email, or write a small note. I’m all ears.
And without further ado, the first newsletter of the year!

Read (and Tweet...) of the Week
America's Department for Transport announces AV policy at CES.
Elon Musk
Build super safe, Earthquake-proof tunnels under cities to solve traffic
4:06 AM - 28 Dec 2019
Elon Musk must’ve had an interesting winter break; after sending a series of tweets about how his tunnels can reduce urban traffic he sent every person on twitter with an urban planning degree into a tizzy. Musk’s main point of attack was on the theory of Induced Demand. And attack he did. Musk’s tweet had some of the most prominent urban planners from all over the world (but namely Toronto, New York, and Vancouver) up in arms with his dismissal of this theory. It’s well worth a deep dive if you are unfamiliar with the term Induced Demand and the numerous global examples of it.
Government and Policy
When you are walking, remember to stay alert! Don’t get distracted by electronic devices that take your eyes and ears off the road! Remember, safety is a shared responsibility.
5:38 PM - 7 Jan 2020
It’s a week about tweets, what can I say.
The NHSTA was under fire this week after sending the above tweet for transport professionals across the US. Responses primarily critiqued the notion of shared responsibility on the roads. As one tweet aptly put it: “If by "shared responsibility,” you mean drivers have 99% of the responsibility, then yes, I agree. After all, they are the ones driving two-ton metal machines that can crush human bodies in an instant.“
Research and Academia
That’s all from me folks. Have a lovely weekend!
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