Free Bundle Weekly Report: Surprise Card Pack + Crisis on Infinite Earths



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Free Bundle Weekly Report: Surprise Card Pack + Crisis on Infinite Earths
By All Cool Reads • Issue #3 • View online
Surprise Digital Card, Four New Authors and Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Javier from Free Bunde Magazine here. We have some wonderful things happening this week, and after some deliberation, and some deliberation–and then some deliberation, we decided they would be a perfect fit for our exclusive “weekly recap”.
By the way, we will be reaching out to you only once a week—We are very aware of the trust you show us by giving us your email and we want to avoid clogging up your inbox.
Enough of me, let’s dive in!
In this newsletter:
  1. Surprise Digital Card
  2. Four New Authors!
  3. The Day Mangakas Took Over The World
1. Surprise Digital Card
As we promised in our last email, we are including a brand new digital card from our “Famous Pulp Magazines and Their Covers” series. 
So far, those who opened the first card pack now have cards with covers from the following magazines in their collections: 
  • Amazing Stories (Feb 1947)
  • All Detective Magazine (Oct 1934)
  • Ace G-Man Stories (Jan 1940)
  • Terror Tales (Sep 1934)
  • Planet Stories: (July 1952)
And here’s the new surprise pack:
Did you open this week's pack yet?
Did you open this week's pack yet?
This surprise pack contains one (1) digital card and will be available only until next Tuesday, so hurry up and open it before that, or you will be missing a card from your collection.
2. Four New Authors!
We have the enormous pleasure to announce we were trusted with four new stories for the June issue of Free Bundle Magazine. That’s seven new short stories in total (eight, if we count the one I’m writing) in the midst of The Plague!
At the moment of this writing, a common issue of Free Bundle Magazine oscillates between 48 and 52 pages, but only because we are using a two-column format and double-sided pages. If we were to use only one side of the page and one column, we would be talking about 120-150 pages total—and for the looks of it, we will be doubling that in just a few weeks.
That is, if we were to change the format. Big if. Gigantic if. We have no intention of switching to a one-column format for the time being, there are enough epub magazines already. One more might break the scale, don’t you think? 
3. The Day Mangakas Took Over The World
If you have been following Free Bundle Charts, it should not come as a surprise that for the past two weeks, the dominating format for the Comics ranking has been, for the most part, Japanese Comics, or Manga, as they are widely known. 
But why? 
Because it’s the future! That’s why! 
Readers are demanding fresh content. We have all seen Superman fight Lex Luthor tireless times already, with little to no consequences. Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow–they’ve lost their charm over the years. Some aesthetic changes over here, a new sidekick over there, an “unexpected” death followed by an even more unexpected revival, and at the end of the day, we realize we want more. 
We demand more. 
And we are getting more, but not from Marvel or DC, but from small Japanese presses. Disclaimer: I’m not simply talking about the US domestic market. No, the world is bigger than just one country. From Sao Paulo to Athens, flying all the way to Moscow, Ankara, Sydney, Hong Kong, Rome, Spain, and Chile–we have all been craving for more manga and Japanese products since “Robotech” was released.
We want something fresh, something new, we want something we haven’t seen before–and manga promises and delivers just that, in quantities we haven’t even managed to grasp yet! Of all the manga stories being produced in Japan, we only see a tiny fraction being licensed. The rest remains buried under a thin layer of language dust, waiting to be brushed out by an army of archaeolinguistics. 
Archaeolinguistics, I say? Yes! Because if we are to be fair, we can trace manga properties waiting to be translated as far back as the 1950s! 
Modern heroes beware: there is a crisis on infinite earths, and this time there won’t be a caped hero strong enough to save the day, red spandex or not.
– Javier Cabrera
P.S.: If you haven’t visited Free Bundle Charts yet, this is your chance:
Free Bundle Charts - Free Bundle Magazine
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