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All Cool Reads Weekly Update

All Cool Reads Weekly Update
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Hi all!
All Cool Reads here (formerly known as Free Bundle Magazine). We have some wonderful things happening this week for our first “weekly recap,” and we want to share them with you.
We will be reaching out to you only once a week to not clog your inbox—We are very aware of the trust you show us by giving us your email, and we want to keep things light whenever possible.
Enough, let’s dive in!
In this newsletter:
  1.  All Cool Reads Debut
  2.  Digital Cards App
  3.  Archives: Blood Debt (Abraham Van Helsing story.) 
1. All Cool Reads Debut
The wait is over. Starting this month and for the years to come, Free Bundle Magazine is no more. We are now called *All Cool Reads*, and what a beautiful change this is!
All Cool Reads?
All Cool Reads delivers in-depth reporting and commentary on fiction, the publishing business, popular culture, and the arts with essays, fiction, and poetry by staff writers and contributors. 
At All Cool Reads, we pride ourselves on providing a safe space for writers to freely explore their craft by writing on various subjects.
So make sure to submit your short story or essay for review; as we used to say in Free Bundle Magazine, we want to read your stories.
2. Digital Cards App
We finally made it happen! Introducing the new Cabrera Brothers Digital Cards App, fresh out of the oven! 
Have you seen our Jules Verne card collection? Here’s how it looks in the new app.
How about that, uh?
The good news? We added every card you might have missed in the past to the initial stack.
That’s right! Our Halloween Cards, Hetzel Cards, Pulp Covers Cards–everything we ever published! Make sure to check out the app, and please, help us by letting us know what you think. 
The bad news? We are still testing the app, so expect a few hiccups here and there.
Head over to and follow the installation instructions. We have tons of new cards coming in the following weeks, so stay tuned for the reveals!
3. Archives: Blood Debt (Abraham Van Helsing)
Each week, we will feature a selected story from the Free Bundle Magazine Archives–and what better way to begin than by featuring one of the “eradicator” stories.
IT WAS half-past midnight when the telephone rang in the old manor. The Dutchman was lying in his king’s size bed with the old lamp on the nightstand still burning. He was a tall, corpulent man, and although it was not uncommon of him to be entertaining a few beautiful young women at these hours, Professor Abraham Van Helsing was alone.
He had spent the majority of the night dozing in and out while studying from an enormous tome of the forbidden Codex Coemeterium that rested on the mahogany overbed table. More specifically, he was reading the version with scribal abbreviations written in backward Latin from the pen of the late Father Grandier himself.
The phone rang a second time. Abraham wasn’t still fully awake when he reached for the receiver and plucked it out of the luxurious wall cradle.
“Yes?” He coughed.
“We got him,” the ragged voice of an old man said, “you were right; the son of bitch was up there all along.”
That’s it for this weekly recap!
Until the next one!
All Cool Reads Staff.
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