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All Caps Excited Weekly - Issue #3 - Does It Spark Joy?

I'm officially the LAST person on the Marie Kondo bandwagon but I'm SO glad to be here and I've been
All Caps Excited Weekly - Issue #3 - Does It Spark Joy?
By Shenee Howard  • Issue #3 • View online
I’m officially the LAST person on the Marie Kondo bandwagon but I’m SO glad to be here and I’ve been laughing SO HARD at all the conversation over her methods and the process of sparking joy. This week’s edition of All Caps Excited Weekly is inspired by the concept of “sparking joy” and decluttering your life.

I’m Marie Fucking Kondo and You Can Keep All Your Fucking Books, You Ingrates | Points in Case
I am not sure WHY people hate joy so much. There is something about collective happiness that’s triggering for people. The article above is so funny because it’s so true: the internet loves to poke holes in things. Our whole takedown/cancelation culture is really just people feeling pain in their day-to-day lives and not having an outlet for it. Everyone is just really lonely and needs to get laid by someone they really like. I’m convinced that would solve all problems. Okay, that’s a little dismissive but I think it’s worth practicing the act of letting people be happy and excited around you without trying to figure out what’s problematic about that happiness.
3 Things That Sparked Joy This Week
Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse is the best movie of 2018 and maybe 2019. I could go on and on about how amazing it is but here are 3 big reasons:
  1. Miles Morales, the superhero of my dreams – I’m always looking for black characters who just get to be characters. Miles was just a kid on this adventure and didn’t have to carry the narrative baggage black characters usually have to carry in these films. In a time when it feels like being black means you must always be reminded of how oppressed you are, this character felt radical. The choice to separate Miles from the grim reality of what being a young black boy in this country might mean was in itself a political act. I wish 12 year old me could have seen this.
  2. The inventive visual style: Every animated film tends to have the same CGI sheen but this movie looked totally different. The movie’s animation style is modeled after a comic book, not just in style but you often felt like you were moving through panels while watching.
  3. Strong Script and Story: This movie is a master class in stakes, tension, and storytelling. I’ll be studying this movie when it comes out on DVD because it does such a great job from a story structure point-of-view. Every character had a distinct arc that made sense and didn’t slow anything down. Fantastic directing.
The John Wick 3 trailer featuring the love of my life, Keanu Reeves. At one point he kills someone with a book. Take that Marie Kondo haters!
The Mighty Ducks trilogy is now on HBO Go. These movies have been making me happy for over 20 years now and they continue to make me so unreservedly happy. BLACK HOCKEY PLAYERS! GIRL HOCKEY PLAYERS! Anyone remember the Bash Brothers?
Decluttering Digital Mess
I find that most of my clutter tends to be digital. I really like the idea of applying the same concepts to our phones and computers. Most of us spend most our times there anywhere. Here are some resources for that:
10 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life | Cait Flanders
Apps For Getting Sh*t Done
The UFYH (UnFuck Your Habitat) app is a favorite. If you are overwhelmed with cleaning your apartment, this app gives you mini-tasks to do to.
The Moment App tells you how much time you are spending on the phone. I’ve cut down my phone usage by 50% since using it and as a result, I’m getting more done.
Click Up If you run a business or just have a lot of hobbies and things to do, Click Up is a great app for collecting and organizing to-do lists. I use it for business and personal stuff.
Minimalist If you just want to see all your to-dos on one simple list, this one is my favorite. I grab my tasks from click up and put them here every day. You can even use a timer to help create specific times for tasks.
That’s it for this issue of ACE! A little leaner than usual but I’ll be back next week with unsolicited advice AND another playlist. Share with your friends!

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