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All Caps Excited Weekly - Issue #2 - Sexuality: Food

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I am in a commited relationship with my Instapot. I w
All Caps Excited Weekly - Issue #2 - Sexuality: Food
By Shenee Howard  • Issue #2 • View online
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I am in a commited relationship with my Instapot. I will admit that I was DUBIOUS. Could one amazing device do ALL OF THAT amazingness? Why yes. Yes it can. IT’S THE FUTURE.
This week i’ve made oxtail soup, chicken and veggies, cabbage with bacon, chicken curry, and BOILED EGGS.

In honor of my relationship with my instapot, this issue is all about food.
What You’ll Get:
  • 5 Instapot recipes you MUST TRY
  • Unsolicited career advice for Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • A NSFW playlist about food
  • NEW: Advice Column!
  • Food-themed links that will make you wonder if your sexuality is sandwich like mine
Instapot Recipes I've Tried And LOVED
PERFECTLY boiled eggs in the Instapot. Here’s a version I’ve tried without the instapot that works great for ALL eggs
Delicious pressure cooked oxtails - Oxtails are my go-to comfort food and this recipe was easy and the closest to recipe I get from my favorite Jamaican resturant
Chicken soup for a cold - I made this twice in the last week.
Sausage and peppers - Can you tell I like meat?
Chicken Congee – a rice porridge for really cold days

Unsolicited Career Advice: SMG
Why Sarah Michelle Gellar? What does she have to do with food? Well! Sarah was the star of a little-seen (but amazing) romantic comedy about a woman who puts all of her emotions in the food she makes. It’s so good/bad. Here’s the trailer:
Simply Irresistible
Simply Irresistible
Okay, I’m not sure it’s that great but I was in LOVE with that movie. Anyways, it got me thinking about SMG. She doesn’t have that awesome of a career anymore and she deserves so much better. What can you do after Buffy? I think Simply Irresistible can be inspiration. Here’s my advice for her:
  1. Jennifer Aniston tried to make a splash with romantic comedies in the late 2000’s. The results were mixed but I think SMG might be a better fit for it. She’s a good age for playing the types of roles Jennifer Lopez played as well. Romantic comedies are making a comeback and she has the nostalgic appeal to the audience most familiar with her: late 20’s/early 30’s millennials.
  2. Three words: Procedural cop show. Sarah Michelle Gellar would be a good fit for 911, NCIS, or even Hawaii 5-0. She does great within an ensemble and she has a lot of experience with the physical acting required to make a role like that work. A few of her contemporaries have also had success in this area. Jennifer Love Hewitt has bounced around different procedurals for years.
  3. This last one is a stretch but I kind of want her to be in a reality show about her life post-Buffy. I figure she can start a “Bad Ass Mom” lifestyle brand and share how she works on her projects and her career. Freddie Prince Jr can be the surprise hit character of the series.
That’s my advice! Someone let Buffy know!
A NSFW Playlist Of Songs About Food
Migos x Tasty Whip Up Stir Fry
Migos x Tasty Whip Up Stir Fry
I created a playlist for YOU featuring songs about food. Except it’s never food. It’s always about sex. Always. Enjoy listening songs about sexual acts, friends! Listen over here!
Insanely Positive Advice: I Hate My Job
NEW FEATURE WE ARE GONNA TRY! I asked my community to ask me questions I’m completely unqualified to answer. This isn’t about food BUT food can make a bad job better. Keep reading to see what I mean.
Q: How do I deal with a job I hate?
A: First off, I’m SO SORRY you have a job that you really hate. That sucks. The first step to dealing with a job you hate is the most annoying. Gratitude. The truth is that even the WORST jobs all have one thing in common: predictive income. You might not be making enough and it might not feel like enough but at least you know when its coming and that’s a blessing. It’s good practice to be in the habit of being grateful for that reliable money even if you don’t love how it comes in. As someone who spent a lot of my 20’s not knowing when my next check was coming, I’m often so jealous of people with jobs and insurance. It’s hard out here without it. 
It also helps to start the day with the mindset that this day will TRULY be awesome. I actually wrote a book about this. If you go into each day with an attitude that it’s a good day and introduce some little things you can look forward to (reading a book during breaks, walks, your favorite youtube videos, special snacks), you can force a sucky job to just be a container for things you like.
The next step after you feel the gratitude and find little things to make your day better is to is decide what you want. What moves do you want to make? Do you want to find another job? If you feel like you hate your job a LOT, it makes sense to start looking for something else. 
When looking for a job — think through how you want to FEEL. What have you learned from this job that you can apply to your next search? What’s most important? Fulfillment or security? That’s a really important frame of reference you’ll need to pick a job that will be better for you the next go round. What questions do you need to ask the next time you are in the interview process? What specific behaviors contribute to your job feeling awful? Knowing all those answers will make it so your next job is way better. GOOD LUCK! 
Via Food52
Via Food52
Hungry? You will be.
I am a HUGE fan of Bon Apetit’s videos on youtube. I’m especially a fan of Brad’s show and this series about chef Claire making gourmet versions of snack foods.
Netflix is the GOAT when it comes to food porn. I suggest Ugly Delicious, Chef’s Table, and Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.
I am endlessly fascinated by the culture at Buzzfeed, especially the Tasty videos. I’m currently writing a romantic comedy about a video producer. Here is some behind-the-scenes.
That's it for the food edition!
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