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All Caps Excited: Issue #1 - The 2000's Edition

Welcome to the very first issue of All Caps Excited Weekly! The All Caps Weekly is part curation, par
All Caps Excited: Issue #1 - The 2000's Edition
By Shenee Howard  • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome to the very first issue of All Caps Excited Weekly! The All Caps Weekly is part curation, part storytelling and ALL fun. My goal is to give you a much needed break from the awfulness that is being a human in the world right now.
In This Issue:
  1. Jason Mamoa and celebrity in the early 2000’s
  2. My 100 burned CDs and Limewire
  3. Unsolicited career advice for Hayden Christiensen
  4. A romantic comedy playlist
  5. Lots of nostalgic links
Each issue starts with an inspiration and oh was I feeling INSPIRED.

Jason Mamoa at a club in 2001 via The Hollywood Reporter
Jason Mamoa at a club in 2001 via The Hollywood Reporter
I read a really great article by the Hollywood Reporter about nightlife in the early 2000’s in LA. You have to check it out. Inside you’ll also find an amazing photo of Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. Sound glorious? You have no idea. Go read it.
The 2000’s were an interesting time because it’s almost like a bridge between the 90’s and now. The style was weird. The media was weird. It’s when I came of age. This issue is all about looking back at a decade we haven’t quite defined yet.

Image via Amazon
Image via Amazon
I spent a LOT of time curating perfectly constructed CD mixes from sites like Limewire, Kazaa, and Napster. I have a pile of over 70 CDs in my bedroom full of songs rearranged to go in the perfect order. I can’t even play them because those burned CDs were such bad quality and one scratch would DESTROY the whole album. I begged my parents for an iPod and they looked at me like I was crazy and so I kept burning CDs.
That all changed when the Creative was released. These were a lot more affordable (under $100). I had a version of every single of the Creative MP3 players and I constantly struggled to keep my song lists clean because most of these bad boys could hold a few hundred songs and I had a LOT MORE than that. Did you have one of the Creative mp3 players? Maybe one of these other 2000’s style gadgets? Nintendo Wii!!!!!
Cover of Vanity Fair, February 2015
Cover of Vanity Fair, February 2015
Career Advice: Hayden Christensen
I love to give celebrities unsolicited career advice from a brand perspective. Today’s unwilling participant? Hayden Christiensen. I’ll go on the record saying that I like his depiction of Anakin Skywalker and it’s proof that the Skywalkers aren’t just lightsaber wielding bad asses but emotional emo kids that just have bad ass tendencies. That’s okay too!
Hayden is in a tough position because he still has a baby face and hasn’t grown into his “serious man” face. What is the serious man face? Most baby faced/attractive actors tend to struggle to get really meaty and interesting roles while they still look really young. While women are always meant to look as young as possible, male roles only get good with age. Actors like George Clooney, Robert Redford, and even Brad Pitt only started being taken seriously once they started aging. He’s 37 and not there yet.
My suggestion for Hayden (and for anyone in a position of being in between worlds) is to lean in to your audience.
Who still has fond feelings of Hayden? Women around 27 and up because he was a heartthrob in the early 2000’s.
I have 3 ideas:
  1. Find a starring role on a digital prestige show - something on Amazon or Netflix. I’d suggest a really pulpy bingeable mystery– like Stranger Things or Expanse. These are the shows his audience is already watching and he can attract some of the younger audience because he still looks young.
  2. CW shows! - He actually has a great CW face and has nerd pedigree and would be a welcome addition to the DC TV universe. Think Wentworth Miller and Brandon Routh who have been able to restart their careers on the platform.
  3. Featured role on an established show (a show that has been on the air for at least 6 years) – This is similar to #2. My first thought when I had this idea: Supernatural. He could play an angel. It works perfectly because of that baby face. I could also see him doing well on a show like Walking Dead or even Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, he’d be great as a plucky doctor on any of those shows.
Someone get that to Hayden, will you?
Destiny's Child for Vibe Magazine
Destiny's Child for Vibe Magazine
Romantic Comedy Soundtrack
As I established earlier, building perfect playlist was one of my childhood passions and I’d often create fake soundtracks to go with the books and movies I made up. This week I made up a random romantic comedy idea and created a playlist for you wonderful people!
A down-on-her-luck ghostwriter struggles to write a memoir for an eccentric millionaire living in the Plaza Hotel. She gets a inside look at the “rich people universe” and tries her best to avoid developing feelings for the super hot (but clearly awful) son of her subject.
The only rule was to give myself music picks from around 2001-2009. You can listen to the full playlist here. Here are some highlights along with their inspirations:
The Opener: We see the girl in the city, living her life, on her way to her job at a magazine - “Live Your Life” - TI 
Wow, My Life Sucks: She’s living her life and it’s NOT great, running all over the place - “Throw It On Me” - Timberland and The Hives
Friend Hang - Gab fest with friends about life, relationships and all that (over drinks of course) - “Down” - Jay Sean
Let’s Meet The Villain! - OMG! She’s everything I’m not! - “Luxurious” - Gwen Stefani
The Meet Cute - They meet! Sparks fly! - “Greenlight” - John Legend, “Can I Get Get Get” - Junior Senior
Oh snap, she’s transformed - She’s out here changing her life and now we are seeing the results and her romantic lead just happens to be around! – “Bad Girl” - Usher
The Dating Montage - OMG We are Falling In Love - “Beautiful” - Snoop Dogg
And My Life Sucks Again - Oh no! Something bad has happened that will most likely impact my love life too - “L.E.S. Artisest” Santigold
Sad Times - No man! Career on the rocks! What now! - “Cold Shoulder” - Adele
Mentor Talk —- LOVE IS PRECIOUS, YOU CAN’T LET IT GO also fix that other stuff too -“Wonderful World” - James Morrison
It’s All Good - Time to mend everything! – “Unwritten” - Natasha Bedingfield
The Love Declaration  – “When Love Takes Over” - David Guetta
Question for you: Who do you want to star in this movie?
 Cam'ron in 2015.  BLESS.. Via We Heart It
Cam'ron in 2015. BLESS.. Via We Heart It
More 2000's Themed Goodness
These awesome photobooth images from TRL – Ludacris! Chris Evans! Britney Spears! Enjoy :)
The music video for Hey Ya! It’s so good. I forgot.
It’s so weird that black entertainment is forced to have a “message” now because the 2000’s was all about black people just living their lives and being funny. I lived for shows like Girlfriends, My Wife And Kids and Everybody Hates Chris, featuring national treasure Terry Crews. You can watch Everybody Hates Chris on Hulu.
Here’s some amazing footage of Hayden and Ewan practicing with their lightsabers for the big fight in Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith.
Safia dressed like it was 2007. This video demonstrates how TOTALLY RANDOM the fashion was during that time. The video is really great.
This guy technically isn’t doing anything specifically 2000’s but I do always think of cheerleaders being a big thing back then because of ALL the Bring It On movies.
And finally, a collection of awkward magazine covers from the early 2000’s. I remember most of these!
Questions of the week:
What was your life like in 2005? What were you doing?
Who were your high school crushes? How do you feel about them now?
What’s your favorite romantic comedy from the 2000’s?
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Shenee Howard

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