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Demagog - The Chisinau Report

Demagog - Buletin de Chișinău
Demagog - The Chisinau Report
The last Fake News Week before the election had it all: narratives that revolved throughout the election campaign, old stories, passed from the USSR repertoire to that of Putin’s Russia, fingers pointed at enemies both domestic and lurking in the West. We were told, again, that Maia Sandu is hand in hand with the oligarch Plahotniuc and that she is only mimicking the anti-corruption fight, whose real exponent is Igor Dodon. Behind Sandu are the Americans and NGOs, who are preparing a Color Revolution, while Igor Dodon is not even accompanied by Russian advisers photographed at his campaign headquarters - that’s just Fake News meant to discredit him. The vigilant Sputnik analysts could not have missed such a week, they noted that the second most important leader of the opposition, Andrei Nastase, is inciting a civil war. The Russian embassy in Chisinau also wrote about war, an old one, dissatisfied that some have the audacity to remember that the USSR started WW2 as an aggressor, occupying territories that did not belong to it. Finally, the former strongman from Chisinau, Vladimir Voronin, stepped out of the shadows by promoting a disinformation as smelly as a reptilian conspiracy: the Americans have biological weapons in the Republic of Moldova.
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Marian Voicu
1. Fake News Week, in Brief
Maia Sandu only mimics the fight against corruption; in reality, she is an exponent of the corrupt, backed by the fugitive oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. These links were practically formalized with the announcement of the Pro-Moldova party, founded and led by the former President of the Parliament Andrian Candu, a close friend of Vladimir Plahotniuc, that he supports Maia Sandu. The narrative was launched in order to discredit the image of Igor Dodon’s main opponent and to associate the name of Maia Sandu with that of the controversial fugitive politician Vlad Plahotniuc, a strategy also used in the 2016 election campaign.
Mariana Vasilache
The President of Moldova is the target of a disinformation campaign according to which foreign advisers (Russian) work for him; in fact, the opposition is the one that call upon foreign advisers (Americans, Germans, Ukrainians, Romanians) and is spending foreign money. The narrative was presented by Igor Dodon himself. He sought, on the one hand, to refute a press investigation about the coordination of his campaign by high-ranking Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) officers. On the other hand, Dodon wanted to give credibility to his own accusations by citing secret information to which he would have access as head of state.
Mădălin Necșuțu
Several non-governmental organizations have expressed concern about the opposition’s intention to organize street protests if Igor Dodon wins the presidential election and have condemned “Maya Sandu’s post-election destabilization attempts.” Those organizations are, in fact, sympathizers / affiliates of the Socialist Party, which supports Igor Dodon, and have reacted to one of the main fake narratives in the campaign, also promoted by the Russian Federation, that the opposition, supported from outside (by Soros, Americans, Europeans, Romania) is preparing a Maidan (or a Color Revolution) in Chisinau, in case it loses the elections.
Mariana Vasilache
Washington is attempting to take over some countries through civil society, sponsored by the National Endowment for Democracy network, according to an “investigation” broadcasted on @Секрет YouTube channel. The narrative also targets NGOs from the Republic of Moldova involved in the electoral process and is putting out the story that they, as well as Igor Dodon’s opponent, are controlled from the outside.
Cornel Ciobanu
Andrei Nastase is inciting a civil war when he is summoning the “able bodied men” to the polling stations from Transnistria, according to Sputnik. The narrative distorts the real appeal made by the presidential candidate, who stated that he wants to prevent a massive electoral fraud.
Cătălin Gomboș
Romania was a fascist power that invaded in WW2 the current territory of the Republic of Moldova, and its troops committed war crimes against the minorities in Bessarabia. The narrative, disseminated by the Russian embassy in Chisinau, ignores the realities of World War II, when Bessarabia was invaded and captured by the USSR in 1940, following the secret protocol of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact; Romania went to war in 1941 to liberate its conquered territories. The embassy’s narrative emphasizes only the fact - which is real - that the Antonescu regime committed brutal crimes during the conflagration.
Mădălin Necșuțu
2. Disinformation of the Week
In the Republic of Moldova there are American secret laboratories where biological weapons are tested / produced. The narrative, previously published by the press, was disseminated by the former President of the Republic of Moldova, currently leader of the Communist Party, Vladimir Voronin, who publicly asked the director of the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) about the existence of US military biological laboratories in the Republic of Moldova. The disinformation was amplified mainly by the Russian-language press in the Republic of Moldova and some media outlets in Russia. Some have turned Vladimir Voronin’s question into a statement.
Cornel Ciobanu
3. The Narratives of the Week
  • Maia Sandu is backed by the fugitive oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and only mimics the fight against corruption; Igor Dodon is the real anti-corruption fighter.
  • The independent press uses fake news to discredit Igor Dodon.
  • PSRM and Igor Dodon make their own electoral strategies and do not involve foreigners in the domestic policy of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Igor Dodon ran a good campaign, in which he did not attack his opponents and didn’t told lies about them.
  • All measures taken for the development of the Republic of Moldova will be canceled in the event of Igor Dodon defeat; instead, if it wins, the projects started will continue.
  • If the elections are won by an opposition candidate, the country will be plagued by instability and conflict.
  • Maia Sandu will lose the elections and is preparing post-election protests / a Maidan in Chisinau.
  • The West / USA controls the opposition in Chisinau, especially Maia Sandu but also the NGOs, and plan to use them to start a Color Revolution.
  • The US sponsors civil society through the National Endowment for Democracy and the organizations under its umbrella (National Democratic Institute, in Moldova); these are the instruments of the American government.
  • In the Republic of Moldova there are American / Western secret laboratories that test / produce biological weapons.
  • The Chisinau authorities have the right to demand Russia’s protection against the dangers proliferated by the West / USA.
  • The right-wing opposition wants to deprive the people of Transnistria of the right to vote, because they do not consider them equal citizens of the Republic of Moldova; the opposition encourages separatism.
  • Romania was an aggressor in WW2 and committed crimes against minorities in Bessarabia in an attempt of ethnic cleansing; the territory of the Republic of Moldova was part of the USSR and therefore the target / victim of aggression.
4. The Innocent of the Week
Igor Dodon refrained from insulting, lying and provoking during the election campaign because he respects his opponents. If elected, the Republic of Moldova will live in peace and stability; if not, conflicts and uncertainty will follow.
Cătălin Gomboș

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