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Demagog - The Chisinau Report

Demagog - Buletin de Chișinău
Demagog - The Chisinau Report
Despite the hot topics - pandemic, elections in the United States, Nagorno-Karabakh, Belarus, etc. - Vladimir Putin found time for the Republic of Moldova, recommending the population to vote for Igor Dodon, the only candidate who understands that the country’s economy depends on Russia (although Putin’s reality does not quite match the statistics). Not only Putin is concerned about Moldova, but also the head of his spies, Sergei Narishkin, who was informed that a Color Revolution is being prepared in Chisinau against Dodon, and the conspiracy includes American experts, NGOs and media on Washington’s payroll. This week we also found out that the socialist government reforms have sparked admiration in the European Parliament, that Moldova is a multinational state in the “Russian World” that Maia Sandu wants to destroy with unionist marches, and that the country needs Iskander missiles for the great war that will be waged against Russia. Bonus: the deputy spokesman of the Dodon camp unmasks the civil society in a book prefaced by Dughin’s friend from Chisinau.
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Marian Voicu
1. Fake News Week, in Brief
The authorities in Chisinau were praised in the European Parliament - by a Romanian! - for the implementation of the reforms agreed with the EU. The narrative promoted by First in Moldova is meant to show that Igor Dodon is also a pro-European reformer, not just pro-Russian, in order to get votes from the electorate drawn by the image of EU prosperity. The problem is that, as in Radio Yerevan jokes, Chisinau was not praised, but criticized: the news about the alleged praises are gross lies.
Mădălin Necșuțu
Maia Sandu thinks only of the destruction of the Republic of Moldova as a state because she will not ban the unionist marches, according to The “Danger of Unionism” is thus brought to the fore, and Maia Sandu’s association with it suits Igor Dodon, because this reduces the electoral pool of his main opponent, especially in the second round, when the winner could be the one who will gethe voters of two of the first round candidates, Renato Usatii and Violeta Ivanov, from the center-left.
Cornel Ciobanu
The Moldovan Political Party Ours / Наши, newly launched in Chisinau, aims to promote patriotism, the Russian language and the representation of Transnistrians in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. In the press conference held at IPN, party representatives disapproved of teaching Romanian history in schools and promoting the Romanian tricolor. They also believes that Russian should be the second state language.
Mariana Vasilache
In an online interview with the First Deputy Director of TASS, Mihail Gusman, Igor Dodon states that he wants Russian TV stations to be present in Moldovan homes again, and the law limiting the transmission of those channels in Moldova to be repealed. However, it will be a bit difficult to find the law in the Official Journal, as in the Republic of Moldova there are no bans for Russian-language TV stations, which are carried by all the cable service provider; however, there are certain restrictions on news and military broadcasts originating from countries - including Russia - that have not ratified the European Convention on Transfrontier Television. At the same time, monitoring reports and regional studies show that Russian propaganda is a real danger to the Republic of Moldova, which is the country most exposed to its influence.
Cornel Ciobanu
The Republic of Moldova is closely linked to the Russian Federation, said Vladimir Putin in a speech at the Valdai Club, considering that it is in the interest of Moldovans to vote for Igor Dodon, a politician who understands the importance of the connection with Moscow and wants to deepen it. But Putin’s narrative contradicts the reality: the two countries’ industries are increasingly poorly connected, especially since Russia imposed an embargo on Moldova in 2013. The main economic and trade partner is, by far, the European Union as a whole, and from EU - Romania.
Mădălin Necșuțu
Russia faces, alone, the threat of 50 foes, and Moldova must be able to defend itself with Iskander missiles when Russia is attacked, because it could become an indirect / accidental target, writes Anatol Plugaru, a former Minister of the National Security of the Republic Moldova, according to
Cătalin Gomboș
2. Disinformation of the Week
The United States is preparing a color revolution in case of a Dodon victory in the presidential election. Russian intelligence officers allegedly managed to find out - according to Moscow’s chief spy - that American experts are already heading to the Republic of Moldova, and the NGOs and the media under Washington’s control have been activated.
Cătălin Gomboș
3. The Narratives of the Week
  • Maia Sandu is a unionist, therefore a danger to Moldovan statehood.
  • The unionists are the enemies of the other citizens of the Republic of Moldova, the latter forming an overwhelming majority.
  • Igor Dodon is the only guarantor of Moldovan statehood.
  • The Republic of Moldova is a multinational state that is part of the “Russian World”.
  • Romanians are one of the minority ethnic groups in the Republic of Moldova.
  • The West tried to separate the Republic of Moldova from the “Russian World” media.
  • The Republic of Moldova is, from an economic point of view, part of the “Russian World”, the only one that can ensure its development.
  • The West (EU) has no interest in Moldovan goods, because it is saturated with its own production.
  • The Republic of Moldova can find prosperity only by approaching Moscow.
  • Russia is a besieged city, under threat from the West and could be the target of an aggression by a NATO power (Turkey) in Crimea; The Republic of Moldova must be able to defend itself in the event of such a conflict, especially since a second NATO state - Romania - is on its borders.
  • The United States is preparing to overthrow the legitimate (democratically elected) power in the Republic of Moldova because it does not agree that the country should have a leader who wants “constructive relations” with the CIS states and Russia.
  • The US destabilizes all countries in the former Soviet world through similar methods if they are dissatisfied with the election results (see, most recently, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan).
  • Civil society (“NGOs”) and the independent press (“affiliated with the Americans”) are tools of the color revolution.
  • Popular democracy is the target of a conspiracy of the “parallel state” and the West.
  • The United States is a destabilizing imperial power.
  • NGOs and the media in the Republic of Moldova are financed by foreign states, enslaved to foreign interests, hostile to national interests, and they are forming an octopus that has infiltrated all branches of power, media and science.
  • NGOs are the tools of the West and the World Government through which local legitimate power is infiltrated and corrupted.
  • The NGOs “issue” was amplified with the signing of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement and the Moldova-NATO Action Plan.
4. The Conspiracy of the Week
NGOs form an army financed by foreigners, a veritable octopus that has infiltrated all branches of power and media and runs actions and campaigns convenient to them . The thesis - launched years ago by the Kremlin - is treated, Republic of Moldova being a case study, by the PSRM deputy Bogdan Tirdea in the book Civil society in the Republic of Moldova. Sponsors. ONGcraţie. Cultural wars. The topic was widely publicized and commented on. The PSRM affiliated press published exclusively the statements of the socialist deputy, without the opinion of the parties concerned, given that the National Platform of Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership, the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, political commentators expressed concern over unprecedented attacks on NGOs, development partners and democracy launched by Tirdea. The book’s introduction is signed by the controversial politician / journalist Iurie Roșca, a friend of Putin’s ideologue, Aleksandr Dugin.
Mariana Vasilache

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