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Demagog - Chisinau Report #3 EN





Demagog - Buletin de Chișinău
Demagog - Chisinau Report #3 EN
The runaway oligarchs of Moldova, Romania, the West and, obviously, George Soros, have taken over the opposition in Chisinau and are trying to put their man (or woman) in the presidential chair. If the future president - who has to be a foreigner - would be their man, the LGBT agenda would immediately be enforced in the Republic of Moldova and pensions would no longer be paid. On top of that, Transnistria is aiming for independence, and the only one who can stop it - through federalization - is the good Orthodox Christian, dedicated family man and defender of statehood, Igor Dodon. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, Moldovans were also told last week that the rapacious American empire is forcing its “allies” to pay for its military and buy its weapons, and the world’s elites - led by the above-mentioned Soros - are working on a new species of slaves and the destruction of the Republic of Moldova.
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Marian Voicu
1. Fake News Week, in Brief
PAS leader Maia Sandu is said to have received $ 18 million from the oligarchs for this fall’s presidential campaign. The narrative is that Maia Sandu is, in fact, an exponent of the corrupt she only claims to be fighting with; in this context, an attempt is being made to confiscate the anti-corruption speech and position Igor Dodon on this lane.
Mădălin Necșuțu
Candidates for the presidency of the Republic of Moldova are also citizens of other countries, have connections with George Soros’ network and do not believe in the traditional, orthodox, family values. The one who makes an exception to this rule is, of course, the current pro-Russian, pro-family and right-wing president, Igor Dodon.
Cătălin Gomboș
Maia Sandu is not honest when she says that she wants to reform the judiciary and fight corruption because she does not say that she will put corrupt judges and prosecutors in prison if she win the presidency. The narrative starts from a gross lie - it is not within the president’s power to do justice, because it would violate the principle of state powers separation - and is part of a broader campaign to associate Maia Sandu with corruption. At the same time, it tries to promote the idea that Igor Dodon is the true exponent of the fight against corruption.
Mariana Vasilache
Several media outlets in the Republic of Moldova, generally affiliated with the Socialist Party and Igor Dodon or close to the Kremlin, have massively published news from the statements of Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal about the risk that the state will not be able to pay the pensions in the next 15 years due to the demographic situation. Shmyhal’s message was taken out of context by some media institutions, and others emphasized the citizens’ dissatisfaction, without clearly explaining where they started from. Some newsrooms have suggested that the West is to blame, urging Moldova not to fall into the same “trap”. The aim of these messages is to present the situation in a country in conflict with Russia and in the process of approaching the EU as bad and unstable, and to determine the electorate of the Republic of Moldova not to choose the Western path of development.
Cornel Ciobanu
Transnistria is a functional state, which emerged as a reaction to chauvinism, which can support itself and wants to obtain de jure the de facto independence. However, a compromise solution is possible - the federalization of the Republic of Moldova (this is a long-standing project of Moscow, which would thus mantain a serious leverage in Moldova), and the one who can do it is Igor Dodon.
Mădălin Necșuțu
Poland and the Baltic states - as well as other US allies, such as South Korea - are being forced to pay for US bases on their territory and, on top of that, to buy weapons they don’t need. The narrative, which refers to the myth of the rapacious Empire, ignores the fact that Americans are seen by those countries as guarantees of security against Russia’s regional aggression.
Cătălin Gomboș
2. Disinformation of the week
The West has turned from a neutral observer to an “active player” in the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, to the good of the opposition, according to some experts and media institutions in the Republic of Moldova. Similar messages flowed from various sources for several weeks now. Some argue that, compared to the West, Russia is watching the elections neutrally, and one media institution suggest that the West will poison Chisinau opposition representatives with Novichok if it does not agree with the election results.
Cornel Ciobanu
3. The narratives of the week
  • The United States behaves in a discretionary manner in “allied” countries, rather like an empire and colonial power that exploits them than as a security partner; Washington is acting like a bandit asking for “protection money”.
  • Maia Sandu only mimics the fight against corruption, being herself an exponent of the corrupt, financed by the fugitive oligarchs Vlad Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor.
  • Transnistria is an independent entity, which can stand on its own and can choose independence, but a compromise solution is federalization; Igor Dodon is the politician able to reach that compromise.
  • Igor Dodon’s opponents represent foreign interests and the LGBT lobby.
  • Ukraine in particular and other post-Soviet states in general face difficulties in choosing the path of rapprochement with the EU.
  • The EU and the West are involved in the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, unlike Russia, which is a “neutral referee”; the opposition is controlled from the outside.
  • The world elite wants to create a new type of man to enslave; the plan also includes the destruction of the Republic of Moldova.
4. Hominid of the Week
The World Elite creates a new Human Subspecies - the Janitor Man - by technologically enslaving the population. Americans and Soros’ followers destroy morality, family, authorities, schools, hospitals, and the Republic of Moldova.
Mariana Vasilache

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