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Thinking Askew, the rebirth

Hey, Alf here (or Professor Alf Rehn, if you're not into the whole brevity thing…). You might not rem
Thinking Askew, the rebirth
By Alf Rehn • Issue #1 • View online
Hey, Alf here (or Professor Alf Rehn, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing…). You might not remember, and I can’t blame you, but once upon a time you signed up for my newsletter. Now, I got really sloppy with sending it out. After a while, it had simply been too long since I sent out a newsletter for me to send out a newsletter, if that makes sense But it always gnawed on me, so here I am again, declaring the rebirth of Thinking Askew! Not only a rebirth, but an update as well. The newsletter now runs on Revue, a very cool newsletter site, and will (I hope) be snappier and more fun overall. In this first, reborn issue, some big news and some things that have inspired me…

What I've been up to
A big part of my 2018 was finally finishing the manuscript for a book I’ve been planning for what seems like an eternity. It is a book in which I outline a lot of the thinking regarding innovation I’ve developed in over a decade working with it. It contains criticism of the innovation industry, an analysis of innovation fatigue and stress, and a framework regarding how to build innovation cultures that engage less with shallow and show-off innovation and more with deep creativity. I’m quite happy with it, and it contains things such as my notions of what constitutes innovation pornography (yeah, it’s a thing), fun stories about how to cock up innovation in a company, and a heartfelt call for diversity, purpose, and ambition in innovation. You can find the link for the book website below. The book will come out on March 3rd in Europe and March 28th in the US, and has already been picked up as a profiled business book by a major international chain of bookstores! Quite chuffed about that, actually.
But wait, there’s more! (As the infomercials would have it.) For subscribers to this newsletter, I have a special treat. If you go to the website below, and to the publisher’s website (the first button, so easy enough to find), you can get 20% off the price by using my author’s discount! Just use the code IFTF20 and it should automatically save you money. Anyway, I will be talking more about the book in newsletters to come, just know that you’re the first people to learn of this! Oh, and the link:
Some other things that have inspired me lately
Design Thinking Is Fundamentally Conservative
All the Predictions for 2019 Are Utter Nonsense
What Everyone Needs to Understand About Millennial Bosses
Kohler’s smart toilet promises a ‘fully-immersive experience’
That's all for now! Take care, and remember: Sharing is caring.
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