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#10: Is content organization the next stage of content marketing?

Hello, there!I recently noticed an interesting trend in content marketing: companies are beginning to

Alfred Lua

October 2 · Issue #10 · View online
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Hello, there!
I recently noticed an interesting trend in content marketing: companies are beginning to organize their content.
In the past, most companies tend to focus on two aspects of content marketing, content creation and content promotion. Some focus more on one than the other. Now, it seems that many companies are also spending a lot effort in a third aspect: content organization.
Here are some examples:
I believe there are two reasons for this. One, content that is organized properly provides a better reading experience and makes content, especially the top pieces, more discoverable. Two, this optimizes the site for search engines and drives more organic traffic, according to HubSpot’s research
These are very good reasons for companies that do content marketing to consider organizing their content. 
If you are thinking about it, it seems wise to start organizing earlier than later. Once you have a lot of content, such as the Buffer blog that has over a thousand blog posts, organizing all the content will be a huge task (but nevertheless worthwhile). 
Overall, I believe this is something to consider if you are working on content marketing. What do you think? 

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