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Alfie Marsh
Alfie Marsh
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Earned Secrets
We all have tricks of the trade. Things we’ve learned through trial and error. Those secrets we love to keep to ourselves, but we should really share with the world. Ben Horowitz describes these as ‘Earned Secrets’.
I’m about to share one of mine with you.
The most powerful sales question
After every demo call I ask:
“Now that you’ve seen the platform… how would you describe Spendesk to someone who’s never seen it before?”
Then I stay silent.
What comes out of your prospect’s mouth is almost always pure gold.
Here’s why.
The prospect will start to pitch your own product back to you.
Which means:
🔘 You know exactly what info they understood and retained
🔘 You know exactly how they’re going to pitch it to their boss
🔘 You learn exactly how your prospect describes your product in their own words
Your prospect will teach you ways of positioning your product that you’ve never even thought of before.
Which is ideal for marketing copy.
Not only this, but your prospect has just cemented the exact reason why they’re going to choose you.
And if their pitch wasn’t so good?
You now have the opportunity to correct any misconceptions.
One question is all it takes.
P.S. I shared this tip on LinkedIn a few months ago and still get messages like these 👇. So go and try it out on your next sales call and drop me an email if it worked!
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Alfie Marsh
Alfie Marsh @alfieisamarsh

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