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Even more writing about startups and money

The Saturday Essay
Even more writing about startups and money
By Alex Wilhelm • Issue #1 • View online
I am lucky to write for a publication that grants me wide latitude with which to attack our topic area. The result of that freedom is that I get most of what I want to write about startups and money onto the Internet without needing another platform.
And yet.
I’ve had the occasional hankering to write about the topics I usually reserve for work pages for myself, so I decided to create a home for such writing. Welcome to it.
In short, my current blog (a Substack) is a place to explore topics that are personal, limiting its remit. Writing business thoughts over there has never felt correct. And as I didn’t want to put all my eggs into a single-platform basket, I’m putting this small stream of thoughts on Revue.
Posts here will be infrequent, I reckon, so subscribing via email should be pretty safe. You won’t hear from me often.
It goes without saying, but starting a little blog for business topics doesn’t mean that I am leaving TechCrunch. I am not. The team I get to work with over there is sublime and I am still having lots of fun.
That’s all for now. First update from this newsletter coming shortly.


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Alex Wilhelm

A weekly essay digging into economics, startups, and fun. Written by Alex Wilhelm, a medium-quality nerd and S-1 fanatic.

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