Fortnightly Newsletter

By Alex White

My Fortnightly Newsletter is about unions, growth, campaigning, strategy and politics. These are my personal views.

My Fortnightly Newsletter is about unions, growth, campaigning, strategy and politics. These are my personal views.

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Walking for Safety

Hi there,Please excuse this request. On 5 June I'll be taking part in a new event, the Walk for Safety, to raise awareness about the 1000s of workers who are injured at work each year in Australia. It is being co-organised by the ACTU and VTHC.The funds from …


Updated for 2022 - Introduction to Digital Campaigning for Unions

Hi there --It's been a while since I wrote to you, but I'm alerting you to my newly updated Introduction to Digital Campaigning for Unions, which has been published by the Australian Trade Union Institute.This introduction is a resource for small to medium si…


What can unions learn for member recruitment from fundraising?

If you're a regular reader of this fortnightly-ish newsletter, you may recall that I've previous advocated that unions look to non-profit fundraising programs for lessons and tactics on recruitment.That's why I'm sending you this short prompt: this Thursday, …


Fortnightly Newsletter - Does your union need a digital strategy?

Unions don't need digital strategies. They need clear, unambiguous priorities to transform to become more relevant to workers and effective for members in building power.The point of digital tools, like email, social media, chat, database and AI that they are…


Fortnightly Newsletter - Growth hacking your union

What is growth hacking for unions?In short, it is about a process to implement low-cost and creative techniques and tactics to bring in new members and keep them. It’s a form of recruitment that relies on data and on-going analysis of member (and potential me…


Workplace surveillance & worker data trusts

A brief alert for an important upcoming event tomorrow, part of the Australia At Home series, about workplace surveillance and workers' rights.A few years ago in 2016, when I led UnionsACT, the ACT Government attempted to introduce regressive workplace survei…


Fortnightly Newsletter - Digital innovation for unions after coronavirus

In the corporate sector, "digital innovation" is an increasingly massive issue. Technology is not just disrupting traditional business models, but it is allowing the rapid concentration of power, influence, money and resources into ever fewer hands.New disrup…


Fortnightly Newsletter - The strategic urgency of building Workers Data Trusts

What are Data Trusts?Simply put, a data trust is a trust that exists to steward the collective data of a group of people."a legal structure that provides independent, fiduciary stewardship of data" (via Open Data Institute)It uses the same legal framework as …


Fortnightly Newsletter - "Digital" favours conservatives... and how unions can fight back

We are losing the Data WarUnions are losing the Data War, and in many cases we don't even know we're fighting the battle.Unions used to be data organisations. From the turn of last century, unions held the data monopoly of the "going rate" for workers' wages.…


Fortnightly Newsletter - Campaigning & organising in the time of coronavirus

Unions, like almost every other organisations, face major challenges to how we operate due to the lockdowns and restrictions caused by coronavirus.A lot of campaigning and organising organisations, unions included, now have to adapt quickly to a working-from-…


The corporate coronavirus coup

Yesterday, Scott Morrison announced a "National COVID-19 Coordination Commission" headed by former Fortescue CEO Nev Power.


Fortnightly Newsletter - Member-retention is more important now than ever

There are several types of member resignations, but they more or less fall into active and passive resignations.Passive resignations are things like credit-card expiry or payment bounce/dishonour, or if a member changes job to an industry outside of your cove…


Fortnightly Newsletter - Have you joined your own union recently?

I've written a fair bit about the importance of retention as an engine-driver for union growth.In addition to looking at some of the high-level concepts of improving retention, I also want to address practical, tactical things that union leaders and other sta…


Fortnightly Newsletter - How to recruit young workers to unions

Communicating to and engaging with young people (which I’m defining as 16-24) is notoriously difficult — even for major multinationals with millions of dollars in marketing budgets.For unions, which are under regular attack from media figures and conservative…


Fortnightly Newsletter - Time to stop getting smashed on Facebook

The UK Conservative Party utterly crushed progressive parties and campaigns on Facebook. In the final few weeks of the campaign, the Conservatives spent a total of £959,329 on Facebook advertising.


Online Campaigning for Unions - guidebook launched

Hi there,I just wanted to let you know that earlier this week I launched my Introduction Online Campaigning for unions guide. The guide is completely free as a PDF download. More than 6 years ago, I first published this guide. It's been completely re-written …


Fortnightly Newsletter - More on retention: Member "life-time value"

In the commercial sector, the concept of "customer life-time value" (CLV) is regularly used. It's value as a concept is in enabling businesses to forecast revenue by calculating how much a customer is "worth" over the duration of their "relationship" with the…


Fortnightly Newsletter - Should unions fundraise?

Since 2014, I’ve embarked on a fundraising journey at UnionsACT. Over five years, I’ve built a small fundraising program that now raises $80,000+ per year in small donations, from members, retired members and non-members, with an average donation of $28. For …


Fortnightly Newsletter - Workers must not pay the cost of climate-fuelled bushfire disasters

Originally published in The Canberra TimesWorkers must not pay the cost of climate-fuelled bushfire disastersThe bush fire crisis exposes the failures of the Federal government and industry to prepare for the catastrophic impacts of global warming. And it als…


Fortnightly Newsletter - Are unions the cure to the rise of right-wing political ideology?

What's driving the resurgence of extremists, racist right-wing politics, here in Australia and around the world?A growing body of social science suggests the answer is economic anxiety and insecurity, worsened by financial shocks, austerity policies and globa…