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Relaunching my newsletter (& blog)

Hi {{first_name}} -- I first started writing my blog back in September 2008, and it more or less grou
Relaunching my newsletter (& blog)
By Alex White • Issue #1 • View online
Hi {{first_name}} –
I first started writing my blog back in September 2008, and it more or less ground-to-a-halt in September 2014.
Now, after a long hiatus, I’ve decided to restart my writing.
My blog was an outlet for my thoughts and views on unions and campaigning: how unions could campaign, organise and grow using new technology. I even wrote some ebooks. Back in 2008, social media, digital and email campaigning was cutting edge. Few unions had adopted digital tools or social media. I was fortunate to work at a union (the NTEU) with colleagues and a leader prepared to experiment and adopt new techniques and tools.
By 2014, my career had reached the stage where I could implement the very things I was advocating for others. For almost five years, I’ve led my organisation through major change, fought three elections, championed and won major public policy reforms, and built a high performing, dedicated team of staff. In short, I became too busy doing to write about what I was doing.
In 2019, the union and progressive campaigning space is very different. Most unions, especially larger ones, have dedicated communications and campaign staff, and the adoption of digital tools is much more widespread. Campaign-tech has advanced significantly also, and public wariness about privacy has also increased (especially following the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal).
The union movement is also itself facing an inflection point. Post-Federal election, many union leaders and union staff are looking at the next three-to-five years rather grimly. What ought the movement do, what strategies should we adopt, faced with a hostile conservative government and emboldened corporate sector? Must we wait for a parliamentary solution or abandon it?
In this context, I am throwing out my thoughts, mainly via a new email newsletter, and sometimes on my blog.
My goal is to write and send one newsletter each fortnight. I’m sending the first few emails out to people who I’ve talked with about these issues in the past.
If you’re not interested, then please feel free to unsubscribe. :-) If you like it, please share it.

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Alexander White
“It is no longer good enough to see the economy as some kind of separate technocratic domain in which the central values of a democratic society somehow do not apply”
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