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Daily Newsletter of Alex West πŸš€ - November 13th, 2021

Daily Newsletter of Alex West πŸš€
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November 13th, 2021 | Martial arts
Yesterday I went to an MMA gym.
The smell of sweat, rubber mats and humidity made my skin crawl. It felt familiar. In good and bad ways.
Good, because I love martial arts.
Bad, because it reminded me of past, terrible fight camps.
I did three sessions back to back. Wrestling. BJJ. Kickboxing.
- Wrestling was super fun. Probably my favorite. But I am pretty much useless.
- BJJ was amazing. I was very, very good at this. The didn’t even believe it was my first time training.
- Kickboxing was boring. I was the best one there, but after so many years of training in striking I found it mundane.
I enrolled and paid for the complete package straight away. Shut up and take my money.
Happy to have martial arts back in my life again.
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