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Daily Newsletter of Alex West ๐Ÿš€ - November 11th, 2021

Daily Newsletter of Alex West ๐Ÿš€
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November 11th, 2021 | 4HWW
Re-reading โ€œThe four hour work weekโ€ by Tim Ferris.
The first time I read it was in November 2019. Exactly two years ago.
A LOT has changed since then.
Back then, I was at $100/month and had failed 20 times to build a sustainable business.
I had just accepted a full time job and felt like I lost.
After reading the book I decided to write โ€œ2 years of building productsโ€, regroup and try again.
Two years later, Iโ€™m financially free, slowly getting closer to making $100,000/year while working on my own schedule.
Yes. The book is a bit cheesy. And a bit cliche after all these years.
But there are some book dropping lines in there:
โ€œThe goal is not $1M, itโ€™s the freedom it supposedly brings.โ€
โ€œLiving like a millionaire is about doing interesting things, not owning enviable stuff.โ€
โ€œPeople find things to work on all day because they canโ€™t handle the weight of freedom.โ€
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