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A weekly email talking about the sh*t I dig: life, marketing, investing & Bitcoin.

A weekly email talking about the sh*t I dig: life, marketing, investing & Bitcoin.

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What's got my attention this week... #003 (Plus a side note)

Super Pumped: The Battle For UberThis is a new limited series (I think?) on Showtime about the founding of Uber and it's former-CEO, Travis Kalanick. While I'm sure parts of this show are sensationalized for TV, it's still a lot of fun. And for someone obsess…


My Daily Routine (Updated For 2022)

If you know me, I've always had a pretty rigid schedule. For a while there, I had a routine optimized and was really maximizing my performance. But then something insane happened. Something absurd. Something completely bananas... My wife and I went off and ha…


What's Got My Attention #002

As someone how is obsessed with digital marketing and growth hacking, I'm a member of the community. There was a great blog post in there the other day called "Growth Hacking Trends To Know In 2022."If you're interested in simple ways to max…


Growth Experiments: A Beginners Guide

One of my favorite growth hacking quotes comes from the Growth Hackers community: Growth Hacking is a culture of experimentation.


Hey Marketers, Don't Be Afraid To Fail

Hey Marketers - Don't be afraid to fail. Do you know what the GrowthHackers slogan is? It's "A Culture of Experimentation." I love that slogan. It perfectly embodies what our careers are all about. And that's exactly what modern day growth marketing is. Exper…


What's Got My Attention #001

I'm currently reading the book Range by David Epstein. It's a pretty much a giant research paper on why generalists triumph in a specialized world. It takes a data driven and case study look at the difference in success between those that are generalists and …


Discovering My Zone of Genius

Recently, I've been diving into the the 4 Zones of Being. It's been a total trip to go down this rabbit hole, look inwards, and discovering what is my "Zone of Genius." After a few practices and internal discovery, I think I've really narrowed down what gives…


WTF Is A Full-Stack Marketer?!

Full-stack marketers aren't your normal digital marketer. When it comes to breaking down full-stack marketing, I like to start with the following quote:"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."Full-Stack Marketers…



PS - here’s the 20 Min VC podcast episode this came from if you want to give it a listen:


Is This The Future Of Work? (I Think It Is)

0. Distributed WorkOffices be damned. Since the pandemic, we've jump started the life of remote/distributed work. At first is was rough because it was all so new so fast. But now, we've not only adapted, but we've all optimized.Who the hell needs an office an…


5 Lessons Learned From Meditating 365 Days In A ROW

1. Consistency Is KeyAs I said earlier, I tried meditation before and didn’t stick with it. I couldn’t sit still long enough. I couldn’t focus long enough. Pretty much, I didn’t see any value in it.That all changed when I made 2 key decisions. 1) Meditate for…


Let's Do This 2022!

Here we are, staring 2022 right in the face. Once again, a new year is upon us. Why is a new year so significant? Why does it always feel like a fresh start? Maybe it's because it feels like a little victory - we made it another year. And hell, we should cele…


What's In My Bag (Tech & Apps I Dig), 2021 Edition

If you’re feeling generous this holiday season, you should donate to the Surfrider Foundation. They're an incredible org that works tirelessly to protect our beaches and oceans.Anything helps - donate today at


My 2021 Reading List

1. No Rules Rule (Category: Business)2. Play Bigger (Category: Marketing)3. Hatching Twitter (Category: Biography/Business)4. Hacking Growth (Category: Marketing)5. The Growth Marketers Playbook (Category: Marketing)6. Traction (Category: Marketing)7. The Thi…


My 5 Rules For Public Investing

On Friday December 3, 2021 the public markets, well, they went absolutely apeshit. I opened up my Robinhood account and saw red across the board. And not just a little red. All the red.As always, the next thing I did was open Twitter to see what the word on t…


My 2022 Intentions and Aspirations

About two years ago, I read that new years resolutions are bullshit. Why? Because they are mostly empty goals that we give ourselves and we break them within 60 days. Why would you start off the new year with a broken promise to yourself? Instead of resolutio…


ICYMI: A Growth Marketing Jam Session with

Hey all –In case you missed it, yesterday (Aug 24, 2021), I was the host of's Growth Marketing Jam Session. Our two guest speakers were Craig Zingerline and Jen Bryan from Growth University.It was a 60 minute jam-packed session filled with amazing …


Issue #1 - It Was A Choice

This post originally appeared on my blogYou didn’t slip up, it was a choice. Too many excuses are allowed these days. It was a slip up. I made a mistake. I didn’t mean to.Stop making excuses. You made a bad choice. And that’s okay. Life happens. We all make c…