By Alexa Aker

Living on bitcoin principles

Living on bitcoin principles

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16. Mirror | How Money Should Feel Series

"Fix the money, fix the world."


15. HODL orange pills

In the bitcoin world, knowledge is a highly valued form of freedom. It is the "orange" pill inspired by the concept of the blue and red pills from the Matrix. Choose to take that metaphorical bitcoin orange pill and you will never look at the world in the sam…


14. From fragments to unity

Journal Entry 1


13. Keys

Keys are interweaved into our daily lives. They open milestones and memories:Home keysMusic keysCar keysKey ingredientsKeyboard keysClick, click, clickAnd now bitcoin keys


12. What hodls value?

We buidl the world around us based on what hodls meaning and value in our lives. What hodls value has changed across the centuries depending on cultures, societies, ideals, and choices.


11. HODL Optimism

Optimism is like a special pair of shoes allowing us to walk into the unknown with soles of courage and hope.


10. BUIDL like rain

"No matter how well you water plants, they can never quite grow like when it rains," grandpa used to say, as he watered the garden late in the afternoon, awaiting the rainy season.


9. BUIDL a supportive foundation

What if... we could break history’s cycles of oppression, where revolution after revolution has often meant that the "winner," even when starting with good intentions, becomes an oppressor of the “losing side”, like an Orwellian Animal Farm repeated across th…


8. BUIDL & HODL long term thinking

When you're a gardener, you tend to save seeds and bulbs for the next season, patiently prepare plant cuttings for that corner in need of a plant, and be grateful for each harvest, while planning for the next season.


7. BUIDL design and development & HODL butterflies

As children, we often hear stories of butterflies. We are awed by how a caterpillar can become a winged creature, as if blessed with some kind of magic. It feels almost surreal to look at what seems like two different insects, and yet we know they are one and…


6. HODL today to BUIDL tomorrow

You are staring at a clear view of a vast landscape with open skies. The sun is starting to rise, and all of your being is focused on that feeling of openness.


5. BUIDL open learning & HODL human connection

Years ago, I heard a painter say that he never showed his creative process because he felt the magic would disappear. I used to agree with him, but I've discovered a different kind of magic.


4. BUIDL words & HODL freedom of expression

Our minds and hearts are a constant show of fireworks filled with explosions of thoughts and feelings that light the stillness of our being.


3. BUIDL familiarity & HODL confidence

As we actively look through the glass screens of our mobile devices, these little gadgets hold more and more of our lives.


2. BUIDL memories & HODL gratefulness

Grandma's roll-top desk was a keeper of memories. As kids we would rummage through its many drawers of different sizes to find unique treasures that had been kept across time. A bountiful mixture of trinkets: old photographs, various pieces of paper, small ha…


1. BUIDL open design & HODL open mindedness

One summer night when I was a child, I hurried to catch up to my grandpa as he headed out for a walk in the countryside. Our visits to grandpa's were always filled with wonder. We'd spend most of the time outdoors, learning about nature and wildlife.