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Alex Kukharenko - Issue #6

Hi there! VR/AR is coming and I can't get rid of an idea to try myself in virtual reality interfaces.
Alex Kukharenko - Issue #6
By Alex Kukharenko • Issue #6 • View online
Hi there!
VR/AR is coming and I can’t get rid of an idea to try myself in virtual reality interfaces. 
A few days ago I got a package from a China with VR headset (like google cardboard). The plan is to get started with cheap VR experiments. Oculus Rift costs around $550 which is … too much for a hobby. 
Reply me something like “Dude, write about VR a bit” so that I know that you are interested in VR. Might be I will write an article based on my experience 🕺 

Bought for $3.5 on
Bought for $3.5 on
Tools to use
Sketch plugin to rename layers like a boss
Interesting stuff
Made With ARKit - Curated music playlists you can work to.
Articles to read
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So, should I write about VR? Hit reply.
Have a good working week 💪,
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Alex  Kukharenko

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