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Alex Kukharenko - Issue #41

Hi there! It's been a long year, many of us have grown as designers, managers and developers. End of
Alex Kukharenko - Issue #41
By Alex Kukharenko • Issue #41 • View online
Hi there!
It’s been a long year, many of us have grown as designers, managers and developers. End of the year always summarises a year’s achievements and sometimes you can find that this year you really stuck on the same level as a year ago. Well this is not pleasant.
Personal growth is a thing we expect from ourselves, we observe people around and think it’s normal. And the next year your inner critic will happily encourage to you set really high expectations for yourself then make you feel bad about yourself for not doing the impossible.
That’s a strong beast, but these are the step we should start doing to bet him:
  1. Stop judging yourself and other people harshly.
  2. Learn and grow from mistakes. You, me and that guy can’t avoid making them.
  3. Realise that you’re not superhuman. Trying to do everything for everyone is a recipe for disaster.
  4. Shut your ego up. Create your own path, don’t follow people.
Think about it when you have enough time and let me know your thoughts on that, please.
One of the achievements that I made this year is started a collaboration with a mobile dev team. We design and code iOS&Android apps. If you, friend or boss has an app idea, hit me reply and we will discuss it. 👇I give you 30% discount for the first project.

😇 30% OFF for my subscribers.
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Have a good day and Merry Christmas!!
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Alex  Kukharenko

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