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Alex Kukharenko - Issue #21

Guten Morgen, A few days ago at my current job, I got a notification that I would be fired in 2 weeks
Alex Kukharenko - Issue #21
By Alex Kukharenko • Issue #21 • View online
Guten Morgen,
A few days ago at my current job, I got a notification that I would be fired in 2 weeks. Oh man … this is not the thing I would be proud of 😀
It was the first time ever in my career! I went through a process of self-analysis to understand the reasons of WHY it happened (and also why it happens with others):
  1. I didn’t trust my feeling on the job interview. I should have decided “if he/she a person I would love to work with?” In this case, we could avoid the mistake.
  2. I didn’t meet the expectation. I should listen to my boss and understand better what he wants. 
  3. I didn’t work so good as I could. I had to work as good as I work for myself.
And also:
Designers, we have to help others to express their thought into a meaningful outcome. That’s our job.
So, now I am looking for a new job. The lesson is learned! 😊
Nothing can stop me from sharing favorites design articles every 2 weeks, so today’s digest is below:

Tools to use
Sketch - 🍏macOS UI Library
Latest Mobile Design Patterns
Interesting stuff
Web Design in 4 minutes
Articles to read
How to Talk About Design Decisions
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Here’s everything I’ve learned from designing 10,000+ UI screens as a lead product designer.
How to Conduct Effective UX Research
🤑Are Your Lack of Client Boundaries Costing You Money?
Dealing with difficult usability test participants
🎮 A Practical Approach to Gamification Design
❤️️ Tweet
That guy from Silicon Valley having fun
That guy from Silicon Valley having fun
We put @FunnyAsianDude's knowledge of apps to the test, is this an app or is it crap?
Have a lovely week!
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