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Alex Kukharenko - Issue #19

Good morning, This design digest I want to start from one story that happened with me.  A month ago I
Alex Kukharenko - Issue #19
By Alex Kukharenko • Issue #19 • View online
Good morning,
This design digest I want to start from one story that happened with me. 
A month ago I moved from a long freelancing period to the office again. And it was painful! 😑 I faced with the lack of motivation and engagement, poor communications, daily transportation problems and awful mornings… It sounds familiar to everyone who shifted from freelance to office.
But how to quit this loop? A few steps helped me:
1. Get up earlier and go to sleep earlier.  I get up at 6 AM and do my own stuff before my office job. I have 2 extra hours per day! (also for writing these emails!)
2. Don’t work after work anymore! It’s a poison creating a loop work-work-sleep. It will burn you out very quickly! 😫
3. Listen to yourself and find a trigger of a good mood. I used this app to find a trigger (there is ios version also). Each day at 8 PM it asks you how do you feel and gathers the stats. After 2 weeks I found that sport and early awakenings are making me much happier person.
How did you guys solve this problem? What did help you? I am waiting for your replies. 
Let’s go to the news! 😇

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