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Alex Kukharenko - Issue #11

Hi there! 1) 🔥 First of all. Today we launched our small tool for UX surveys! 😝Today we launched our
Alex Kukharenko - Issue #11
By Alex Kukharenko • Issue #11 • View online
Hi there!
1) 🔥 First of all. Today we launched our small tool for UX surveys! 😝
Today we launched our small, but a smart tool for usability surveys!  One more time what it does:
It generates System Usability Scale surveys (which is an industry standard for usability), tracks results across the time and helps to compare your product/website with the others.
Any kind of feedback is much appreciated.  Just hit reply and give me your thoughts back 
2) 📰 To the news. 2 of them are related to the iPhone X. I can’t get rid of the such a weird feeling the Apple becomes bad at design. 
I don’t want the latest iPhone, I don’t want the latest MacBook Pro. Am I okay? 😀 What do you think? Let me know on twitter

Our App is finally launched!
Go to the sign-up process
Go to the sign-up process
Tools to use
Hacking Tables in Sketch
Interesting stuff
How Hard Is It to Draw a Brand Logo From Memory?
iOS 11 Sucks 😭
Apple is really bad at design | The Outline
Articles to read
How manipulates you
Creating a first Product Design System in Sketch
5 things every designer should probably stop doing – UX Planet
More Padding, Please!
Happy Friday,
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